Dominique Drakeford

Dominique Drakeford is currently a leader in environmental education, ethical fashion and community advocacy. She has worked as a creative publicist for conscious brands and committed over 10 years to encourage stewardship. Currently, Dominique is the chief curator of MelaninASS — a platform that discusses the issues and celebrates the success of communities of color in sustainable fashion and beauty spaces.

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Danielle Magee

Danielle is a conscious consumer, storyteller, and activist from New York City who designs consciously made backpacks that advocate for girls education, create jobs in the USA, and empower girls across the globe.

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Izzy McLeod

Izzy is an ethical fashion blogger and astrophysics student dividing their time between trying to peruse passions in writing and photography with getting an astrophysics degree. Izzy saves most of their money to travel the world and experience new things, and is also a soy-free vegan.

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Mary Taylor

Mary has a BS in Nutrition + Food Science from UVM and is often found at a show or trying that new restaurant. She writes about nontoxic beauty and skincare, nutrition, cycle + hormone support at HEALTHWITCH, a website dedicated to holistic healing and sharing ancient knowledge for a modern world.

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Florine Hofmann

Florine Hofmann is a passionate German zero waste lifestyle blogger, student, foodie and creativity enthusiast with an environmentally friendly agenda. The Wasted Blog follows her progress living a zero waste lifestyle, including the obstacles she's overcome and the joys this lifestyle has brought her. 

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Stephanie McLean Villano

Stephanie has a deep love for the natural world is an advocate for compassionate and eco-friendly living.  She writes about vegan and eco-friendly fashion, lifestyle, and travel over at her blog My Kind Closet, is a style writer for Vilda Magazine, and is a member  of the Ethical Writers Coalition. In her spare time Stephanie enjoys traveling with her husband, eating vegan donuts, and surfing.

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Becky Chung

Becky is a storyteller, environmentalist, and climber with a love for playing in high altitudes. She’s adventured on 6 continents, sharing and gathering stories of people affected by climate change. When she’s not on the road, she can be found growing her library of mountaineering history and playing with her dog Simba. Follow her on Instagram here

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Chloé Lepeltier

Chloé is a French globetrotter. Her passions span multiple disciplines — from classic literature to sustainable fashion to backcountry snowboarding— with curiosity & creativity as the common thread. Read more of her writing here

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Nicki Patel

Nicki is a personal stylist, avid runner and the founder of milo+nicki, a sustainable women’s ready to wear line designed to empower the ever-evolving woman through the vibrant colors of her culture, traditions, and life experiences. 

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Jacalyn Beales

Jacalyn is a freelance writer based in Toronto, Canada. She likes mint chocolate ice cream, classic literature, and traveling. When she isn't writing, Jacalyn can be found lobbying and fighting for the rights and welfare of Africa's lions. Connect with her further on Out of Wilderness, a blog about Africa's wildlife.

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Lindsay Vanderhoogt

Lindsay is a ground correspondent based in Boston, MA. During the week she works at NEAVS to advocate for lab animals' freedom, but during her off hours she's the founder and leader of the Boston Palm Oil Action Team. She loves traveling, Thai food, exploring Boston, and spending time with her furchild, Winston.

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Megan Stulberg

Megan is a Toronto-based writer, illustrator and social media strategist. She is the co-founder of Vegan Girlfriend, a recipe blog dedicated to exposing how easy living a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle can be. When she isn't working she can usually be found jogging, fleeing the country, drinking copious amounts of kombucha, getting tattooed or catching up on her zzz's.  

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Alden Wicker

EcoCult covers all things sustainable in New York City and beyond, including fashion, food, beauty, home design and events. With more than 35,000 unique visitors a month, EcoCult Editor-in-Chief, Alden Wicker, has become the voice of New Yorkers eager to break the stereotypes about eco-friendly living and prove that living consciously can be beautiful, fun, and desirable.

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Sabrina Pacella

Sabrina is a freelance writer and student of sociology and journalism at University of Missouri, Columbia. She runs a blog about her adventures being broke and vegan called Vegan Under Poverty. Besides writing and living cruelty free, her interests include drawing and painting, gothic/industrial music, long road trips to unusual places, and changing her hair color at least once a month.

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