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Magdalena Antuña

After years of being a conflicted primatologist who consumed products that directly endangered primates, Magdalena set out to rid her life of conflict palm-oil, a lifestyle change that soon evolved into the magazine you see today. She loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer, punk music, and horror movies.

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Brianna Carney

Brianna’s a Texpat currently living and working in NYC in the film industry. Her interests include hanging out with her dog, dismantling capitalism, and eating dessert. Her favorite eco-friendly activities include thrifting and confounding cashiers everywhere with the phrase “no thank you, I don’t need a bag.“

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Meggie Copeland

Meggie is a freelance wardrobe stylist and character creator with a thrifty eye & eclectic soul. Relocating from a small town outside of Waco, she packed up her closet to enter the world of film and fashion. Since then she’s written articles, worked on sets with up-and-coming directors, and even stepped in front of the camera for editorials. On the daily, you can catch her chuggin’ coffee & slingin’ fabrics across the heart of Texas.

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Rachel Lees

Born and raised in England, Rachel has freshly set foot on South Africa's east coast. During the day you'll find her putting pen to paper as a freelance writer or finger to shutter as a photographer; around it, she's finding the inspiration for her words and pictures by exploring her new home turf. You can get a glimpse of those adventures over at The Foraged Life.

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Rimsha Syed

Rimsha is the unapologetic daughter of two Pakistani Muslim immigrants, studying journalism and women and gender studies in the hopes of using her voice to disrupt imperial influenced media and rewrite history from the perspective of all those affected by exploitive and capitalistic systems of power. She is an abolitionist and community organizer who enjoys embroidery and radical politics in her free time. You can read more of her work here.

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Victoria Jameson

Victoria is a second year student at the University of Texas pursuing a degree in Advertising. Her passion is sharing and educating others on ethical and environmental issues in a fun way. She enjoys trying new recipes, traveling and photography. You’ll often find her seeking new vegan finds around the city.

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Aaliyah Jenkins

Aaliyah, a Nutrition major at the University of Texas, spends most of her time eating Thai food and drinking Matcha Soy milk lattes. When she’s not preoccupied with classwork, she enjoys writing poetry, stage-managing plays, exploring Austin, improving her photography, and sporadically posting on her blog.

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