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We love introducing new voices and perspectives on environmentalism, palm-oil, and/or veganism to our readership on the web. Share your POV below.

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If you'd like a regular writing gig with a team who strives to bring practical slow living to the public, this is the option for you.

You can write about anything that moves you—food, love, sex, your favorite city—just make sure that topic is eco-friendly, vegan, & palm-oil free. For example, please don't pitch us an essay on your favorite ham sandwich place in NYC ☻ 

Friendly editors can help proof your piece for environmental impact, no sweat.

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Paid? Yes, per piece


Changing hearts and minds with powerful, bold imagery is something of which we're passionate. 

If you're looking for a publication with ethics to hone your craft with, this is the option for you.

We have 2 illustration options for the web: cover images and internal illustrations, both assignments are dependent on writing. We will match your style with various pieces in our queue.

Have an idea for us? Include it in your application. 

Paid? Yes, per piece