Okay. What can I do?

First, demand that the system change and become fully accountable. There are several ways you can do this - join a campaignwrite an e-mail, tweet a company. Use your voice.

Second, implement a few key changes into your lifestyle:  

We, as a society, have grown dependent on palm-oil because we eat an incredible amount of processed and packaged food. Even items we would all regard as 'health food', too! Companies like Pepsico, Silk, Daiya, and Unilever, etc absolutely must get their act together, because it's the responsible thing to do - period. But that doesn't mean you should necessarily eat those products once they have...

One of the main pillars of this magazine a plant-forward diet centered around whole foods. It's easy, delicious and low-impact, especially when we eat organic and locally. For everything else, like make-up and lotion, choose palm-oil free items because they're widely available in the U.S. It's really as simple as that.

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