Get the Scoop on 5 Sweet Vegan Ice Cream Shops

Ah, ice cream! Nostalgia sets in whenever we think of ice cream shops and the plethora of options that we could enjoy as kids. Now as vegans, it’s a little harder to find plant-based and vegan-friendly options out there. But don’t worry because we’ve got a good old-fashioned ice cream shop round-up that’ll do the trick!

Sweet Ritual

Austin, TX

Owners Amelia Raley and Valerie Ward, who spent years at various ice cream shops locally,opened their doors in December 2011. They started out with two flavors (vanilla and a rotating) and eventually moved up to 16 flavors. In 2014, they studied at Ice Cream University (yes, it’s a wonderful, beautiful real place!) in order to hone their skills. In 2016, they graduated to their own store front after having shared space with locally-owned Juiceland since their beginning. Their flavors include the traditional along with non-traditional — they’ve had a delicious durian at one point — as well as delicious toppings like lavender simple syrup and edible glitter!


Boston, MA

Started in 2011, FoMu opened their first store in 2012 and now has four wonderful locations in and around the Boston area. Made by hand with ingredients that are plant-based and preservative-free, their signature flavors include bourbon maple walnut and mango habanero. Along with their handmade ice cream, they also whip up ice cream cakes and baked goods that are all vegan with several gluten-free options. They even offer ice cream cakes for special occasions!


Rock Salt Creamery

Sanbornton, NH

Owner Tom Morrison grew up on a dairy farm and opened up his first dairy-based ice cream shop in 1995. During that time, he started to rethink his diet and eventually eliminated all animal products by 2010, becoming full vegan. He had been experimenting with almond and coconut bases before finally settling on his own “cashew cream” recipe. Flavors like mint chip, raspberry, and chocolate are available along with his VegNog, gluten-free ice cream sandwiches, and cashew cheesecakes.

Like No Udder

Providence, RI

Like No Udder (how cute is the name, come on!) started out as a vegan soft serve truck in 2010 and has now expanded to include their storefront. The truck and storefront offer different specialties so there’s plenty of variety between the two. The truck offers shakes, creamsicles, floats, candy bars, and vegan jerky while the storefront offers hard ice cream with flavors including coconut mango, almond joyful, Thai iced tea, and tart raspberry.

Frankie & Jo’s

Seattle, WA

Owners Autumn Martin and Kari Brunson pay homage to Autumn’s grandmothers (Francis and Joanne) with their plant-based ice cream shop. Kari owns Juicebox and Autumn is the head of Hot Cakes, both committed to locally sourced ingredients. Frankie & Jo’s uses a mix of coconut milk and cashew milk sprouted from their kitchen. Their every day ice cream flavors are out-of-this-world with the likes of salty caramel ash, gingered golden milk, and tahini chocolate. All of their inclusions and waffle cones are house made, which makes them even more delectable!