The Ultimate Guide to Palm Oil Free Dog Treats

Gone are the days of Milk Bones and Pupperoni for every dog in America. We’ve unwittingly entered a pet treat renaissance with gourmet and organic fare dominating the marketplace, even at chains like PetSmart. This is, for the most part, a great thing for your companion animal. Brands are shying away from irritants and allergens like soy, wheat, and corn and pushing fruits and vegetables instead. Unfortunately, a few ingredients remain that are harmful to the planet and not altogether beneficial for your pet either — that goes for vegan and health-conscious brands, too. Make no bones about it, no pet should be an accomplice to deforestation and extinction.

Having just adopted a diabetic senior dog, I'm acutely aware that buying snacks for your pet’s dietary needs isn’t always easy. We've included a good balance of low carb and high fiber treats, so whether your pup is on a restricted diet or eats spoonfuls of vegan ice cream with you on the couch, you’re sure to find a palm oil free snack for your furry BFF!

👀  *Ingredients to look for  👀
palm oil, vegetable oil, glycerin, vitamin A palmitate

Not all of the brands featured here are entirely palm oil free or vegan. It’s important that you read labels for sneaky ingredients (see box at the top). Moreover, ask brands about the sustainability of ingredients that are commonly derived from palm oil. If you’d like to support an all-vegan brand, look for the Ⓥ symbol. Bone Appétit!

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On the cover: Bodhi, the dapper shiba inu known as @MenswearDog online.