The Best Things We Thrifted This Month


Thrifting can be much like an archaeological dig. In secondhand stores, we sift through motley fashion trends of our material culture, searching for something of value. Over there is an ill-advised velour tracksuit from the golden age of Juicy Couture. Here’s a cache of dark denim that happens to be back in fashion. Right there are the styles that will be worn for eons — trenches, stripes, button-ups. Since we use mostly thrifted fashion at SB, our team is adept at quickly uncovering what we’re searching for.

To celebrate National Thrift Shop Day today, we’re sharing the best items we thrifted this month and where we got them.

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Magdalena, Editor in Chief

Texas Thrift
6708 S Flores
San Antonio, TX 78221

On a recent thrift romp through San Antonio, with fashion editor Meggie and creative assistant Victoria, I snagged an item on my seasonal wishlist at Texas Thrift: a thin "jacket". This green silk bed shirt (which, heh, needs a steam) stopped me in my tracks with the embroidery on its pocket. I found it (and this Victoria Secret slip) in my favorite section — lingerie. Here, I paired it with my black block heels, from Buffalo Exchange, and grape earrings from Etsy.

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Meggie, Fashion Editor

Texas Thrift
6708 S Flores
San Antonio, TX 78221

Like Magdalena, I found my fave item on our trip to San Antonio. Which is weird, because I remember all of us leaving slightly defeated. I’m not sure if it was the sun or the three hours we had just spent sifting through fabric, but it wasn’t until I got home and rummaged through my findings that I realized that I royally scored on our day trip. Despite the amazing mesh items and patterned tops, my #1 item has quickly become this pair of camo cargos. I’ve worn them every day since getting them, and they just match everything. Below is a casual work outfit I paired for my Thursday, along with this awesome ribbed turtleneck tank I snagged that day as well!

Image from iOS (3).jpg

Victoria, Creative Assistant

Texas Thrift
6708 S Flores
San Antonio, TX 78221

Uptown Cheapskate
11255 Huebner Rd #205
San Antonio, TX 78230

During our thrift trip through San Antonio, I managed to snag two items that I love. I’ve had these tropical dad button tops that have been on my wishlist and I found this perfect green, orange, and purple one at Texas Thrift. It ties in perfectly with this blush pink jacket I found at Uptown Cheapskate, which on the hanger looked a little weird but when I tried it on, I fell in love. I paired it with these pinstripe culottes that I also found at Texas Thrift this month. This style of pants have been on my radar for awhile and I love the way they fit and the pattern is simple and easy to pair with my everyday closet.

Image from iOS (4).jpg

Brianna, Print Editor

Global Fashion Exchange

I scored this fuzzy sweater at a Global Fashion Exchange clothing swap in Bushwick. I've also had the phrase "fuzzy jumper" stuck in my head since about 2004 when I saw (my hero) Toni Collette in the comedy/drama/romance About a Boy wear hers shamelessly. I’ve been purchasing variations on that theme ever since (btw, jumper is British for sweater — fun, right?!). Anyway, I paired this particular fuzzy jumper with my white sunglasses that you may recognize from the cover of Issue 04! Did you know you can still get the digital version for just $5? ;)


Elizabeth, Web Editor

The Exchange
539 S. Orange Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34236

3465 Cortez Rd W
Bradenton, FL 34205

I love to thrift when I travel and recently did so on a jaunt to Florida for my birthday. Throughout a day of shop-hopping, I picked up this lace top and these clip-on daisy earrings. By themselves, the earrings felt a little too groovy for my style, so I paired them with simple gold hoops to tone them down a bit. The lace top can be worn either buttoned up or open as a jacket. I look forward to wearing it over a black turtleneck in the fall!

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