Chamomile Belongs in Everything (And Other Musings)

🍒  Stuff We Love is the end-of-the-month feature where Editor in Chief Magdalena Antuña relays all the cool, sustainable things that kept her going during the making of this month’s issue, plus, what’s happening at HQ  🍒

Dear Readers,

As I write this, I’m drinking my morning cocktail of ginseng and digestive bitters. Okay, the word cocktail is misleading — it’s just water loaded with tummy-calming goodness. Although a negligible amount of alcohol, similar to that in kombucha, is present. Admittedly, this is the most trendy health thing I have ever indulged in. I got the idea from this Bon Appetit video and if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who follow BA’s YouTube personalities — who fill the void that MTV VJs left behind — you’ll understand how I got roped into this habit.

Has it been life-changing? Not quite. But I absolutely recommend it if you’re the kind of person who needs an extra push to drink more water OR if your go-to cocktail order is a Negroni or Pernod Ricard.



Sometime in December, I noticed that my bathroom shelf had devolved into a parade of “joyless,” environmentally-harmful products. A hand soap bought in a hurry before family arrived for the holidays. Toothpaste purchased because our grocery store was out of stock and we didn’t have time to make a second trip, etc. Does this sound familiar? Well, I’m here to tell you that it happens to everyone. Some of the best activism you can do is through creating awareness, lobbying your representatives, and participating in elections if you can. Voting with your dollar, while important, is a privilege that not all of us can always access — and not being able to do so does not make you any less of a champion for the planet.

So, one of my new year’s resolutions was to — slowly and within my means — take back my bathroom shelf. My first purchase was palm oil free toothpaste from Wildist. Sure, the packaging is beautiful! But I’ve tried many herbal toothpastes and this is the first brand I’ve found that strikes the perfect balance between earthy and fresh (e.g., chamomile spearmint).


I’m also doubling down on a product I was gifted this past December: Shea Brand’s CBD Natural Pain Reliever. The smell is intoxicating, with strong notes of eucalyptus and chamomile. I’ve only ever regarded it as a moisturizer, but I’m interested to keep using it to see if it helps my inflamed joints (from a wheat allergy that I sometimes ignore).

Are you sensing a theme? Apparently, I’m on a chamomile kick.

Pssst. BYBI’s Babe Balm was the unsung hero of this month’s  beauty editorial .

Pssst. BYBI’s Babe Balm was the unsung hero of this month’s beauty editorial.



Maybe, subconsciously, I’m seeking a little respite. Who knows! What I can tell you is that things have been busy-busy here at Selva Beat. We kicked off this month by announcing the end of our print magazine, which made me feel an interesting mix of both sadness and excitement for the future. Then, we showed you how to style scrubs, pick your next face wash, and maybe even embrace some nail art. All the while, we shot and wrote features for February, including a very personal style “makeover” for our Fashion Editor Meggie.

Finally, we published a feature — conceptualized and photographed by our Creative Intern, Aaliyah — about eco-conscious make up brands which won’t disappoint people of color. This topic is dear to everyone on our editorial team and I’m really excited that we could help Aaliyah’s vision come to life.

If you want to read more about our day-to-day-operations, join the Selva Scouts where we, among other things, share intimate behind-the-scenes each week!


I listened to (and watched) Lizzo’s new track “Juice” all month long, as well as this Niki & The Dove bonus track that I tragically overlooked for almost two years. Our Deputy Editor, Elizabeth, also shared her “Return to L.A.” playlist, full of dreamy tunes to help you stave off winter blues, with the Scouts.


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Sustainably Yours,
Magdalena Antuña
Editor in Chief