Stuff We Love, In Time for the Holidays

πŸŽ€  The following items are our favorites from Issue 03 of Selva Beat. Grab your copy here.   πŸŽ€

The SB team sourced so many amazing vegan and palm oil free products for the latest issue of the magazine, we want you to know about them β€” no matter what time of year it is!  But, being that it is the biggest shopping season, we decided to bundle them up into a gift guide, along with editorial photos from our shoots. You can see how they look and trust that we have put them to the test under working conditions. We're happily sharing our best finds from the issue with you β€” even if you haven't bought your copy...yet ;). 

The Glam

Inspired by Diane Lane's role in Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains, we created the most "everyday" punk look possible using palm oil free and vegan products. We created a bold eye with Axiology's lip crayon in Keen, Shiro Cosmetics' eyeshadow in Violence Solves Everything, and 100% PURE's black tea liquid liner topped off with Hanami's mascara. Your most glamorous friend will appreciate the boldness of these products and can get all the details on recreating this look in the magazine

The Green

In pigment, as in environmentalism, there are many shades of green. We were inspired to design three creative ways to sport this versatile color, from mint to emerald. Find the perfect shade to gift sans any St. Patrick’s Day vibes. Standout products include Au Naturale's eyeliner in Meadow and Root's eyeshadow in Mojito

The Glitz

It's the sparkliest time of year, but conventional glitter is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), and microplastics like these pass right through water filtration systems and into lakes and oceans. Greenpoint Glitter is created from special GMO-free biodegradable film derived from sustainable sources. It is antimony-free, cruelty-free, and certified compostable. Check out all of their options here. We paired this playful look with Root's lipgloss in Casey, a light nude pink, but all of their glosses are cruelty and palm-oil free and can be used with their loose pigments for a unique look. Your glitziest friend will stand out without harming the environment. 

The Glow

We're all for the natural radiance created by cream and powder highlighters, but there's something just divine about a vinyl sheen. Help your glow-chasing pal get this flossy, editorial look without palm oil or animal testing using Zabana Essentials glow serum and Greesa's lip boost in Radiant

More Stuff We Love

The goods don't end there! Below are even more items that kept us going during the making of Issue 03. Bhava Studio just introduced a new colorway of the booties we used for our Italian workwear shoot β€” and we're in love! The stickers are created from our Berlin City Guide. And the scrunchie is upcyled from a pair of Surstyle track pants we used in a feature. We stand behind all of the items in this guide and hope you will love them as much as we do!

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