The Ultimate Guide to Palm Oil Free Soap

Ladies and germs, as you may or may not know, October 15th is Global Handwashing Day. While it may not be the most pressing of advocacy days, it is a low key reminder of the importance of this good hygiene habit — especially as we go into cold season. Washing properly with soap is an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. It can lead to fewer sick days, meaning fewer lost work and school days, which also saves costs to health systems. Most importantly to you, being an ace germ killer means you will be less likely to be laid up with a disgusting bout of the stomach flu or worse.


There are a lot of ways we are privileged here in the US: most of us have access to clean water, soap, and good hygiene. Despite certain populations testing the limits of herd immunity, we are not regularly exposed to fatal diseases. So although risk of illness is not as dangerous here, proper handwashing is shockingly uncommon with only around 5% of people doing it right. Washing quickly or with water alone is not enough — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing with soap for 20 seconds to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of diseases.

A secondary issue we are concerned with here at Selva Beat is conflict palm oil, which is a common ingredient in soap. Palm oil is a commodified crop that is often grown on cleared rainforest land, and this contributes to environmental destruction and greenhouse gas accumulation. For Global Handwashing Day, we’ve gathered 18 palm oil free soap options that'll help you clap back at germs and deforestation — keeping you, your family, and society healthy.

👀  *Ingredients to look for  ðŸ‘€
palm oil, glycerin, vitamin A palmitate

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