Salute Your Shorts: 3 Ways to Wear One Pair This Weekend

I rarely have time for weekend getaways, but with my busy schedule my Friday to Sunday routine pretty much feels like I’m living out of my car. Packing light has never been my forte. I was forever convinced that every outfit must have at least 10 different pieces that completely differed from the last fit I wore. True to my maximalist ideals, narrowing down my options when dressing for a life on-the-go seemed slightly daunting at first. Not only that, but keeping up a certain appearance in this heat can be even more challenging. Luckily, the stars have aligned (and the trendsetters and runways have spoken) for all those proud maximalists out there like me, and at this point, literally almost anything goes when it comes to personal style. Take Crystal Anderson, for instance, Man Repeller’s Manager of Operations — if she can make a pair of fish sandals go with some lively boxing shorts, I think you can pair whatever the hell you want with, you guessed it, WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT.

However, gone are the days of quantity over quality, and having a bigger closet no longer compares to having a “conscious closet.” A wardrobe full of awareness is compiled of well-curated items — impulse-buy-free clothing — that will be worn throughout the years. Sustainably sourced clothing is somewhat of an artform. Mining a well-cultivated stock of vintage and being knowledgeable of each new purchase’s origins means you’ve got a closet chock-full of signature “staples.” And even though maximalism reigns, all you need to get through the chaos of one weekend on the fly is a timeless staple. In my case, my staple o’ choice is an abstract floral print pair of shorts (which honestly would’ve fit right in at summer camp in the 90s), which have been a friendly companion to several hot summers since I thrifted them. Whether it be a chunky tennis shoe or your “everyday” handbag, we all need that one item to carry us through our day-to-day.

Day One

My Friday mornings tend to be quite busy — whether I’m kickin’ it on my bike, writing on the go, or styling shoots on the road, this time always seem full of out and about adventures. So, if I were packing for a busy weekend I’d start it off simply. If life on the go has taught me one thing, it’s to stick to the basics. A white tee is an easy fix to my busy mornings (but I gotta remember to slap a lid on that cup of joe). In accordance with my overly exuberant fashion sense, an upcycled denim patch spruced up this normcore number for a little pizzazz. This tee is an easy, breezy addition to my shorts. While these fun stiletto boots kicked this look into gear, and this sporty, little bag kept it playful!

Day Two

Modern fashion has dismantled the rules of the past. Where we once had laws of clashing color palettes, we now have complete creative freedom. Color is no longer seen as “black and white.” Red and orange on the same day? Okay! Brown and blue together? Why not! The world of color is boundless when it comes to getting dressed in 2018. Day two of my weekend away would be filled with a lively color palette to keep me going. This purple top, which was not originally meant to wear off-the-shoulder, paired nicely with this blue bra. I then meshed the colors together with an orange scarf I used as a belt, which is great for a weekend get-away because scarves have so many different wears! These pink shoes topped this color story off and I added a hint of blue with an anklet, because, um, anklets are life, duh. If there is any piece of advice I could ever give you, it would be to brighten up the streets with your wardrobe. There’s something so freeing when it comes to color. And if the last couple of blatantly rebellious years on the runways have shown us anything, it’s that color gets the job done.

Day Three

The last day of my packed weekend would be spent in patterns galore! Prints, aka the new solids, are inevitably this anti-minimalist’s go-to staple. Naturally, in the stifling summer heat, I chose my abstract floral pair of shorts for my weekend wear. When it comes to matching prints, finding a commonality between the pieces is the trick. These shorts are so perfect because the coloring on them gave me so much to play with. I accentuated the soft mustard and tan colors on these shorts with the leopard print tank top. The hints of blush in the shorts made way for this light pink jacket to enter the mix. The subtle line drawings on this top were a welcome addition to the party o’ print. Not to mention the babydoll heel really capped off this look to flow effortlessly from my afternoon meetings to a night out with my ladies.

If I, with the heart of a maximalist and the closet to match, can pack for a successful weekend on the run with just the essentials, you better believe you can, too! Despite fast fashion’s best efforts, you don’t need large numbers to transform your wardrobe into something new with the same ol’ same ol’. So get to packin’ and enjoy the ride.

Photography by Magdalena Antuña.  This article was originally published on August 21st, 2018.

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