Where to Shop Secondhand, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Experienced thrifters know not all secondhand shops are created equal. The vibe at Goodwill is markedly different than that at The RealReal’s new boutiques — this is of course also true for the secondhand shops that continue to pop up online. And while die-hard thrifters live to slog through the dregs of fashion to find that one true gem, most modern shoppers do not possess the time or patience to do so. You want to find what you want, have it sent to your door, and to move on with your life, and I get that! The proliferation of these e-tailers, with their rewards programs and search functions, make it easier than ever to shop secondhand first. If you’re hesitant to get into secondhand shopping — maybe it’s about fakes or the perceived ick factor — many of these online shops actually feel like a traditional shopping experience. They also appeal to the thrill of the hunt and I’m pretty sure we all like finding something unique at a bargain price. Several of them even take your own unwanted clothing off your hands through the mail and give you cash or credit to spend with them, so really, what’s not to like about that?

Illustrated by  Elizabeth Stilwell .

Illustrated by Elizabeth Stilwell.

Below, I’ve cataloged the online store that epitomizes your zodiac sign. Read on for which one best suits you, according to the stars. Although, don’t be afraid to pop into any one of them looking for that perfect shade of yellow we all now want (oh hey, look).


Aquarians are typically uninterested in material pursuits, making you a hard-sell for any kind of shopping experience. However, you are community-minded and Poshmark’s secondhand market is powered by “seller stylists” who both sell their personal style and curate looks for their shoppers — anyone can buy or sell via the site or the app. The result is a vibrant and connected community that you will appreciate. And by being one of the first of these types of stores, Poshmark has a dedicated following and a steady supply of items to choose from to satisfy your sign’s endless curiosity.


What began as a way for founder Kate Sekules to achieve her dream of a giant shared closet, Refashioner is a quirky shopping experience Pisceans will love. Driven by a respect for the personal value of an item, you will likely dive into the “closets” of sellers and read the stories attached to each piece. The selection can be more limited than other sites, but your sign is leans into the eclectic — so enjoy the experience and if you find something meant to be, snap it up!


Aries, you are a competitive sign that will relish the thrill of the hunt in the world of secondhand fashion. With SnobSwap, you have access to vetted boutiques located throughout the nation, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington D.C. Never content as a passive participant, you can stalk your favorite boutiques, designers, or even trends (via the collections section) — high quality, authenticated items are consigned and waiting for you to pounce. Further competition awaits you should you decide to consign your own items through them.


Taureans need time to strategize before they make decisions, so stability is of great importance to you. ThredUp has proven its staying power even as similar mid-range secondhand sites have disappeared from the web. Their jam is convenience and value, which also appeals to your thrifty nature. But that doesn’t mean you are destined for second rate style — your keen eye for aesthetics will help you discover overlooked gems within the largest of the online secondhand sites. With women’s fashion ranging from mid-range to designer to maternity, ThredUp is like a reliable friend that opens her closet to you when you’ve got someplace to be and nothing to wear: “I’ve got just the right thing,” she says.


Masters of communication and technology, Geminis might be the only sign to truly appreciate app-only Depop. A marketplace for secondhand, handmade, upcycled, and DIY goods, it’s kind of like Etsy, but without the doilies and bridesmaid gift paraphernalia. Their target market skews younger, but that shouldn’t keep other demographics away. It’s the perfect place to find unique items, sell your own stuff, or to haggle over prices through the app’s communication channels. But buy at your own risk and don’t expect any authentication services from this one. I expect they will be bought out by a larger company at some point, so enjoy the creative and freewheeling vibe of Depop while you can.


Cancers, finely tuned to the care and needs of others, will make quick use of Vestiaire Collective, a marketplace with goods for the whole family, plus pets! Your sign’s foundation is tied to home life, so you’ll be pleased to know they also carry secondhand home goods. You’ll be able to spruce up your nest, buy gifts for family members, and pick up some OG vintage for yourself all in one place. You can even sell your own unwanted items and make some cash — see just how much with their resale calculator here.


Shameless show-offs, Leos like to be trendy, but you are surprisingly motivated by your values too. For you, Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal embodies this creative plus conscious idealism. They take dull secondhand items (think denim shirts and surplus pants) and transform them into trendy items. It’s like a shortcut to the stuff you would thrift if you had the time and desire to hunt for it. Everything they sell is vintage or recycled and (re)made in the USA so you can proudly wear it as both unique and ethically made.


Here’s the thing about Virgos: you’re sensible. And Tradesy is a sensible place to get luxury fashion at up to 90 percent off the original price (in a highly manipulated market, as you well know). The price tags can still be beyond what you consider practical, but if you find something you will wear and love to death, take a chance on it. Or you can sell your own pre-loved fashion on the site to fund your next purchase as well as earn additional credit by referring your friends to Tradesy; they get $20 off their first purchase of $50 or more and you get $10 of credit with their first purchase.


Libras, in your quest for equality and balance, will love Union & Fifth, a market on a mission to raise money for charities by selling secondhand fashion. An online and upscale version of your basic charity shop, Union & Fifth makes it simple to donate or buy for a cause from the comfort of your own home. To donate, print a label or request a bag to send in your items for free and then choose one of their charity partners or your favorite cause to fund. The charity receives 75 percent of the sale price and you get a tax donation. Items that don’t sell are donated to other charities in an effort to keep things out of landfills. When you shop, peruse the site by type of clothing, designer, or charity to best suit your style and passion.


Clothes and attitude are your armor, Scorpios, so you will appreciate the extraness of the ASOS Marketplace. A UK based marketplace within a marketplace, they host unique, vintage items brought to you by over 1,000 boutiques. There’s always a ton of stuff to choose from — hopefully plenty to occupy your creative and curious mind. FYI, as you are in there coveting just about everything, be sure to stay within the vintage section or click the “vintage” filter within a boutique to buy truly secondhand items. More industrious Scorpios can also set up their own boutique in the marketplace, bringing their need to be seen full circle.


Material World is upping the ante within the secondhand online boutique industry, and notoriously adventurous Sags will be interested. On top of the usual buy-sell arrangement, Material World is now offering a box delivery service in beta. Billed as “pre-owned designer looks at fast fashion prices,” a personal stylist will curate your box and select 5 pre-owned pieces to be delivered to your door. For each box (you choose the frequency), there is a $39 styling fee, which is waived if you purchase at least one of the items. As the known life of any party, Sagittarians will appreciate the joy of receiving a box each month with surprise items inside.


With their white glove service at their IRL boutiques, in-home pickups for consignors in major cities, and personal stylist services, status-driven Capricorns need Luxury Garage Sale in their lives. Your discerning sign will appreciate the authenticated, designer and high-end men’s and women’s fashion available on the site and in their boutiques — their flagship is located in Chicago, but they have several locations and pop-up shops throughout the U.S. While this luxury boutique may be out of reach for some Caps, you can search by price range and may find a deal to match your budget.