Get Your Spoons & 'Toons Ready for 30+ Palm Oil Free Cereals

Living a palm-conscious life often translates into giving something up. When the SB team first went palm-free, we stopped eating cereal altogether. In a very dramatic fashion, we lamented that we might never eat cereal again. But, knowing that crying over spilled mylk never solved anything, we searched high and low and — yabba dabba do! — found that there actually are cereal options (many which are similar to traditional ones) that thankfully don’t contain palm-oil*. Just like kids today watch Netflix instead of live television, we can munch on Choco Chimps instead of Cocoa Puffs — all that matters is we still get that sweet, sweet cereal milk at the bottom.

Ay, caramba! We couldn’t talk about cereal without mentioning cartoons. As kids, Saturday mornings meant racing to the TV to catch our favorite ‘toons, cereal bowl under our chins as we watched. Since we now know this ritual isn’t going anywhere, the team is sharing some deep cuts and nostalgia to pair with our palm-oil free cereal picks. You can find these brands in health food stores, some grocery stores, and online. (Care Bear side eye: Annie’s and Cascadian Farms are now pwned by General Mills. And Mom's Best Cereals is owned by Post.)

👀  *Ingredients to look for:  👀
palm oil, vegetable oil, glycerin, vitamin A palmitate

If you loved Sailor Moon and Trix, Fruity Pebbles, or Captain Crunch

Before the days of DVR, my brother and I would race home every day after school so that we could catch an episode of Sailor Moon. The third season of show is actually one of the reasons why I wanted to become a scientist. Professor Tomoe made chemistry seem so witchy and exciting; I started memorizing the periodic table immediately. 
Magdalena Antuña, Editor-in-Chief

If you loved Ninja Turtles and Rice Krispies

I clearly remember watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was younger, in the Philippines. It is the only cartoon that I remember watching. I would pretend I was April O’Neil.
Irvianne Torremoro, Food Editor

If you loved Power Puff Girls and Cocoa Puffs

My mom wouldn't let me watch a lot of cartoons as a kid. Like, Power Puff Girls had fighting in it so I wasn't allowed to watch. BUT I would go to my best friend Rosanna's house and we would watch together and it felt very cool and rebellious.
Mika Locklear, Head Photographer

If you loved Hey Arnold! and Cheerios

I loved every nickelodeon and cartoon network cartoon but my faves were Hey Arnold! and Doug. I just liked their stories and adventures.
Paula Farmahini, Test Kitchen Manager

If you loved Rainbow Brite and Fruit Loops

Rainbow Brite was one of my favorites. Her outfits were so spectacularly 80s. And you could tell I liked her a lot because I had a Rainbow Brite doll, a Rainbow Brite nightgown, and a Rainbow Brite nightgown for my doll. It was all very meta.
Elizabeth Stilwell, Web Editor

If you loved The Wild Thornberrys and Frosted Flakes or Special K

I HAVE to mention The Wild Thornberrys! I wanted to talk to animals so badly as a kid, so of course Eliza was a huge inspiration to me.
Brianna Carney, Print Editor

If you loved Animaniacs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Animaniacs. There was a history lesson in each episode and what kid didn't love some adult humor.
Collin Philips, Managing Editor

If you loved Rocket Power and Reese's Puffs

I was never really allowed to watch TV when I was little but I remember watching Rocket Power and wanting to BE Reggie Rocket. I grew up with two brothers and used to love things like karate and skateboarding, so seeing a girl skateboarding and surfing and snowboarding was really cool to me. I remember this one episode where she gets together a group of girls to bring down a sexist magazine that said girls couldn’t surf. 
Rochelle Friedewald, Food + Culture Intern