Palm Oil Free Solutions for Summer Chub Rub

Along with bad knees and acne, evolution has utterly failed some of us with thighs that eat our shorts and rub together like they are tryin’ to start a fire. People of all different sizes, ages, and genders experience thigh rub, aka “chub rub.” Sometimes it’s a particularly humid day that does us in. Other times it’s simply a lack of wearing fabric in that area, as we are wont to in the heat of summer.

Many people have their own little remedies — diaper rash ointment, talcum powder, cut off leggings — and there’s no right answer except the one that works for you. But here’s the rub (pun very much intended): as a palm oil free and vegan publication, we want to promote options that are both environmentally and functionally sound. Therefore, we have sifted through crowdsourced recommendations and are offering up this curated list just for you.


The highly rated Thigh Rescue by Megababe is currently backordered (and contains palm oil in the form of Isopropyl Palmitate and other ingredients anyway); their Bust Dust (for pre-order), however, is a vegan, palm oil and talc-free powder option for all over body application. Perfect for hot feet, chafed skin, and little baby bums, Meow Meow Tweet’s Baby Body Powder will also do the trick for the whole family.

Oil + Balms

Balms made of ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, or a mixture can create a slick barrier down there. Or try a sprayable coconut oil based product like Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture’s Scent & Shine Coconut Oil (actually meant for hair so, hey, double-duty). Or just straight up coconut oil. However, do avoid this option if you are wearing a thin fabric or silk — things will not end well. Many people find a little swipe of deodorant works, too. Find our palm-oil free deodorant guide here.


A time-honored standby is Bandelettes, a physical barrier in the form of bands of material you slide onto your thighs — a simple solution as long as they stay up for you (they don’t for some people). Options with more coverage fall somewhere between Spanx and bike shorts. Check out Thigh Society, made of moisture-wicking material or Jockey Skimmies, which come in a wide range of skin tones.

Get Real

"Chub Rub. It’s hot thighs gonna touch," sings Miss Eaves in our song of the summer. So your thighs touch and that's all there is to it. You don't necessarily have to advertise with a Sara M. Lyons patch, but at least get real with the fact and accept it. Use one of the above products to keep comfortable so you can wear the hell out of those skirts and shorts you've been avoiding. See you on the summer streets! 

Cover image via "Thunder Thighs" video by Miss Eaves.

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