How Slowkiss Eats Vegan, Even on Tour

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Austin was the first place we saw a fully vegan food truck that wasn’t super expensive while out on the road — in Santa Monica, we did see one on the pier, but it didn’t look nearly as delicious as this one. These guys had some super great burgers we tried the first time we got there, when we met the super sweet girls from Selva Beat, but what I enjoyed the most was grabbing some mac ‘n’ cheese right after we left the Mohawk. That morning, our drummer, Matias, found out there was going to be a surprise At the Drive In show for House of Vans at the Mohawk. They are one of our all-time favorite bands and we’ve all listened to them since we were teens, so we got super excited to go! The line was so crazy that we had to wait to get in almost for three hours outside the venue, but we finally got in and the show was amazing. After the show I was so tired and so happy and so hungry, I couldn’t wait to pop over to Arlo’s and get some wonderful mac ‘n’ cheese. That day was one of the greatest we spent in Austin. — Vicky


I’m the picky one of the band, and it’s really almost impossible to make me happy at eating time — I’ve been vegetarian for more than 15 years, so I’m really sure about what I like and don’t like. So for the guys in the band I must be a little pain in the ass whose never gonna be happy eating just whatever shitty food that’s convenient. But in this way, I’m very glad to have a partner like Vicky in the band, that some time ago became vegan after a lot of years eating vegetarian. So we cook together and almost every time, our meals are much more delicious than in any restaurant — I mean, this isn’t something that I say about myself, but ask anybody, haha… In the end, if you ask me, cooking for yourself is always gonna be the best option on the road. Go to the local grocery store and buy products from the local, organic, animal-friendly farms. Buy vegetables that are in season and let your creativity fly in the kitchen. This particular day we made a delicious and natural tomato and vegetable sauce with spaghetti. — Elisa


I think this was probably one of my favorite non-gig-related evenings on tour. Since Elisa moved to LA, she told me about Veggie Grill, she said that I was going to love it, and the best thing was that it was beside Amoeba — I love record stores and yummy food so much, so we couldn’t go wrong. So our first stop was Amoeba where I got a few CDs (last week of tour, no money or space for vinyl): Pavement, Cocteau Twins, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Elliott Smith, Blonde Redhead, Dinosaur Jr, and Smashing Pumpkins! Amoeba was amazing — the guy on the register was really nice and gave us some cool stickers. So we cross the street to go to Veggie Grill, and I am stunned by the amount of vegan versions of piggie food that you can get here, they had it all, and the best is that they love sustainable food. As I don’t know if we’ll be able to come back I just followed my BFF’s recommendation, and I went for the VG Beyond Burger, and my boyfriend José Tomás (who’s part of Slowkiss’s staff <3) ordered a Santa Fe Crispy Chikin’. When we finally tried our food, it was amazing! The VG burger tasted so much like an actual burger it was kinda weird, but it was great, and the chikin’ one was superb — actually I liked that one the most, I’ll remember that the next time I’m in LA. — Vicky

Almost everybody loves pizza, but for real pizza lovers, we really know the difference between a real, incredible pizza or just a pizza…. You know what I mean… So Pizza Rev is for real pizza lovers. You can have whatever you want — it’s gonna be your dream pizza. I know there must be a lot of people like me that are difficult to please, and this will be the place where everybody is gonna eat exactly what they want. It’s like a big buffet — you start by choosing your crust, then the sauce (they have this really nice, organic tomato sauce, mmm!), and then you pile on cheeses and veggies. The best thing is that you can find a lot of these restaurants around the city, so if you get lucky like us, you can do a nice line-check at one of the bars in downtown LA, like 5 Stars Bar, then go and grab a perfect pizza. — Elisa


Veggie Panda Pizza is owned by our friend Juampy — he plays in a hxc band called Forsaken here, in Santiago. This place is awesome, because you can play here and then get great vegan pizzas or burgers with fries and grab a beer with your friends after the gig. It’s a great space to share with everyone, and he’s super sweet. We stopped by and he was waiting for us with some delicious lunch he made himself — rice with salad, hummus, and fried empanadas — and I assure you, he makes the best hummus I have ever eaten. We played one of the last shows of the tour here, we met new people, shared with bands we like, like ANMLS and Forsaken, and did the thing we like the most as a band, that’s sharing our friendship and partying together. — Vicky


One of the best places we have eaten has been on Krishna Temples, no matter where you go you will find them with nice vegetarian food and cool vibes. Some of them are going to be a little fancier than others but we always have good feelings about this food, and they are always trying to talk to people about eating consciously and respecting and loving nature and animals. — Elisa

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