On Becoming a Quarterly

I'm just going to rip off the bandaid now: 

Starting today, Selva Beat is shaking things up and changing our format. We'll become a quarterly, distributing four seasonal print* & digital issues each year.

Why? Personally, I'm tired of the way we're attacking the palm-oil problem as a community. Everyone seems to be asking, how can we make the most ethical Oreo? Or, can you find me a palm-oil free Oreo substitute?  But neither question has the right focus. The first step to cutting down our own palm-oil consumption will always be to wean ourselves off processed foods.

We really can't have our snack-cake and eat it, too. And so, the vital question then becomes, how do we get people to stop eating Oreos? Not boycott. I'm talking about changing habits for the better and making them stick. And I'm not sure we can do that with just blogging alone.

So, I'm taking a big leap of faith, in hopes that it will pay off big time for our readership and the task at hand. Instead of churning out clickable articles each week, we'll focus our efforts on producing four beautifully crafted journals to live by, instead. There will be an emphasis on recipes, practicality, and finding balance. 

We won't stop blogging - there are a lot of resources we provide that either don't fit in the magazine (like cookbook reviews) or that I'd like to release sooner than later (like updates on a brand's palm-oil status). We'll also keep (and continue to grow) our palm-oil free brand list, just in case you need recommendations for conflict-free toothpaste, make up, lotion, etc.

Finally, I'd like to thank you so much for sticking with us all this time and helping us bring a very niche topic into the mainstream, where it belongs. Our first issue will publish this March. It's going to be a great year! — Magdalena, founder.