Eco-Friendly New Year's Eve Looks for Glitter Lovers and Haters

Finally, a glitter bomb you don’t have to fear. This biodegradable glitter will add all the glitz and glam you need to celebrate New Year’s Eve in full, sparkly bliss. Grab the champagne and get your party dress on — we’re saying goodbye to the train-wreck that was 2017 with an eco-friendly bang.

Whether you’re looking to be the party’s disco ball or just going for a sweet sparkle, we’ve got three levels of looks that are perfect for your celebration.

What we used: Greenpoint Glitter in Chunky Silver & Chunky Gold and The Fanciful Fox's Bronze Lip Tint as face glue. If you are going to do a lot of dancing and sweating, consider using a cruelty-free lash glue. We recommend True Glue but they're currently in pre-order. 

Level 1: Glitter Accents


Dip your toe into the world of bio-glitter with this first look. It says, “I’m here to have fun, but you won’t find me crying in the bathtub at 3am.”

Use a palm oil free lip balm to create the glue on the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Using your finger, pick up as little or as much glitter you want and apply it to your eyes until you’re satisfied with the amount of glitz.


Level 2: Glitter Freckles


Featured in Issue 03.

Turn up your look just a little bit more and catch the light in all the right places with glitter freckles. This look might give you the confidence to kiss your crush at midnight — be careful though, there might be glitter evidence left on their face.

Use your palm oil free lip balm once again to create a sticky surface on the apples of your cheeks. Then, use your finger to apply glitter in soft, consistent pats in order to create the freckle effect.


Level 3: Glitter Hair


With this look you’ll command the room and have everyone wondering when the sun showed up to the party. We’re going full Ke$ha à la her “We R Who We R” music video, sprinkled with a tad of murderess row from Chicago on this one.

Use your favorite coconut oil or other palm oil free hair serum to make sure the glitter will stick to your ‘do. Using your fingers, dab the glitter onto you hair wherever you’d like it to sparkle. Spritz with some non-aerosol hairspray to set the glitter once you’ve achieved the perfect level of glam.


Without using plastics or other harmful materials that can end up as marine pollution, Greenpoint Glitter is perfect for creating just the amount of twinkle you need. This special glitter is created from GMO-free biodegradable film derived from sustainable sources. It’s antimony-free, cruelty-free, and certified compostable. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to match any look you have planned! You can find them online here.

For more glitz-piration check out “All that glitters is not green” in Issue 03.

This piece was originally published on December 22, 2017.

🎥 Featuring Jasmín Tran. Makeup & Styling by Magdalena Antuña. Hair and photography by Mika Locklear. 🎥