Miyoko's Kitchen Releases Palm-Oil Free Vegan Butter

2016 is already looking up!

California's premiere vegan creamery, Miyoko's Kitchen, recently released a European Style Cultured VeganButter, slowly rolling out nationwide across several Whole Foods regions. It promises to melt, cook, bake, spread, and of course, taste like the real thing. More importantly, it contains no palm-oil, which is even noted on the box. Instead, this recipe utilizes sunflower oil and cashews, which is exciting but a little strange if you're familiar with Miyoko's nut-free butter recipes of the past. 

We have said previously that processed/packaged vegan food substitutions (for meat and dairy) get us down because they're not really necessary (unless you're just transitioning) and they often contain palm-oil. So, this is a great commercial breakthrough that we can really get behind. If you're missing Plugra or just want a small break from making your own vegan butter, locate a box here.

And, if you can't find it, try requesting that your local Whole Foods or co-op order this European style butter - they most likely will!

Side note: Be on the look out for Schinner's Fresh Buffalo-Style VeganMozz, which is palm-oil free and rolling out this month, too. 

Cover photo credit: Hannah Kaminsky.