Maximalist Math: 22 Options with Just 9 Items

🍒  Brought to you by Vesta Studio.  🍒

Being into conscious fashion doesn’t mean you have to be a minimalist. Minimalism can be a philosophy (don’t buy items you don’t need) or an aesthetic (stark, sleek, neutral), and is often both. While we encourage the slowing down of consumerism to include both less and secondhand, not everyone is going to KonMari their wardrobe into a tight lil’ capsule (or wants to). It’s okay to take pleasure in a wild trend or outrageous pattern if that’s your predilection. Your enthusiastic self-expression cannot be dampened! Sometimes you want options. A lot of options even!

Below are items that magically extend your wardrobe combinations with fewer physical items — something we are calling maximalist minimalism. Each be worn multiple ways and transform across seasons or dress codes. Pile on staples like a long sleeve top, a vintage bandana, some enamel pins, sunglasses, and colorful socks to serve up that maximalist style we love. We’re going for math that’s off the charts here, babes.

1. Vesta Studio Half Moon Wrap Dress | 4 ways

This dress is designed to be worn four ways: tied loosely in front or back, or with the side panels crisscrossed in either the front or back and tied tightly. It’s designed to be loose enough to wear over pants or jeans, or with a tee or turtleneck in colder weather. This style is available in versatile denim tencel and black or blush cupro. Tencel, a sustainable, soft, mid-weight textile, is made from wood fibers and produced in a closed loop system. Their Cupro (made from a part of the cotton plant that is normally discarded) is produced in a facility in Japan that recycles all of its wastewater and uses low impact dyes. In addition to Vesta's commitment to sustainable fabrics, their line is ethically produced in Oakland, CA by workers paid a living wage.

You can pre-order this dress and their other pieces now. Sign up for Vesta’s newsletter and you’ll get 10% off your first order.

2. Kayu Tulum Clutch | 3 ways

This clutch is woven from natural straw and hand embroidered by women’s cooperatives in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Kayu’s aim is to preserve and promote their unique cultural heritage of the women, as well as provide them with a living wage. Wear this clutch with the strap, without the strap, or rigged up as a waist pack a la The Man Repeller. Sign up with your email address for 15% off your first Kayu purchase. 

3. Wolf Circus Moody Reversible Necklace | 2 ways

This adorable necklace can be flipped to show a different emoji, instantly letting everyone know if your emotional status is cheeky or meh. It’s handmade in Vancouver, Canada and available on Garmentory (it also comes in gold).

4. Threader Earrings | 3 ways

It can be difficult to find jewelry that's multi-use without it being cheesy, but threader earrings are a simple iteration. They’re versatile pieces that can be worn either long or partially into one piercing, or threaded through multiple ones. The pictured earring is made by Still House in New York City and sold individually. We also recommend these made from recycled metal by Tumbleweed Bead Co. in Washington state.

5. Mahabis Summer Slipper | 2+ ways

Made to be both a slipper and shoe, Mahabis have detachable soles to take you from inside to outside. Snap on the soles — available in a range of colors for mixing and matching — made from Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), an alternative to PVC that doesn’t need the treatment of plasticizers.

Mahabis are designed in London and stitched in a family-run factory in Portugal, with an Italian-made sole. Most of their styles are wool, but their summer collection is made from mesh and is vegan. Kindly fork over your email address to them and get 10% off your first order of slipper shoes.

6. Minoux Jewelry Duo Reversible Ring | 2 ways

Duality is built into this ring that can be changed from silver to gold with a twist. It can also be worn at the top of your finger as a midi, or as a regular sized ring. Each Minoux piece is designed and handmade locally in Portland — this one is crafted from solid sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. It’s available on Garmentory and is currently on sale.

7. Hanami Mineral Cream Blush | 2 ways

This cream blush does double-duty as both a cheek color or light lip tint! This pink, called All About Eve, is our favorite for most skin tones. All products from Australian brand Hanami are vegan and palm-oil free.

8. Ace & Jig Capella Cardi in Emerald | 2 ways

Maximalists all know Ace & Jig for their outstanding patterns and styles. This kimono-style cardi has dolman sleeves and patch pockets for a slouchy look. It is fully reversible in emerald and sky rumpled doublegauze. Ace & Jig works with experienced textile specialists, hand dyers, and weavers in India.

9. G-Star Raw Wysel Reversible Beanie | 2 ways

G-Star Raw has recently taken interest in environmental sustainability, creating responsible supply chains and sustainable operations and products (read more here). This beanie is part of their collection made of sustainable materials that contribute towards minimizing the environmental impact of the G-Star collection. It’s 100% organic cotton and the contrasting interior makes in reversible from light to dark heather blue.


Do you have any items you love that maximal-ize your style? Let us know in the comments!