Conscious Horoscopes: Righteous Renewal Edition

Despite the physical realities of climate change, today is considered the first official day of spring. This month, we encourage fresh starts and personal development — whatever that looks like for you. Maybe it’s volunteering in your community; maybe it’s taking the leap into a plant-based diet; or maybe it’s just giving your home a deep decluttering. Venus is in retrograde through April 15th, but will be joined by a new moon, the Sun, Mars, and Uranus in Aries on March 27th. Transformation of all kinds is bound to happen as as a result of this powerhouse of energy. Get ready, read on, and be that change!

Illustrated by  Elizabeth Stilwell . 

Illustrated by Elizabeth Stilwell


Happy Birthday, ardent Aries! Time to sharpen your horns because the sun is shining on you and your personal development this month. On the 27th, a new moon, the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus converge on your sign like teens to a house party. Use that intense cosmic energy to make a fresh start in the shabbier parts of your life. However, DO NOT rush it! These changes will develop over the next six months, so curb your spontaneity and map out a plan. Btw, your usual charms might not work as well because Venus spins in retrograde through April 15th; you might want to keep your plans quiet for the time being. Focus on yourself and finding pleasure this month, especially while Mars is in Taurus and your second house of senses through April 21st. Celebrate your beautiful self with a delicious meal, amazing massage, or a trip to your favorite museum — you deserve it!


Say what?! From March 4th to April 15th, Venus will be in retrograde in your third house of communication; on March 20th, the Sun also barges into your third house. Possible miscommunications may arise as these forces duke it out, so take care to be clear and honest, tender Aquarius. The best day to express yourself is March 27th when a new moon, Mercury, and Uranus join Venus and the Sun to all cram into that third house, which governs trips, communication, technology, and community affairs. It could be a good time to get involved in local politics, community organizations, or reach out to your representatives. Choose your path wisely because whatever you get into will manifest over the next six months.


Until April 2nd, Venus will be in retrograde in your second house, messing with your feelings of self-worth. Take it in stride, punchy Pisces, and decode what those feelings might really mean deep down. Make little modifications in your life, but avoid hasty alterations to your appearance during this time. Perhaps you would benefit from a new exercise routine or a processed food detox or a chat with a therapist. On March 27th, a new moon in your house of work and money makes it the best day to do your taxes and map out your finances for the next six months.  


Your ruling planet – Venus – will retrograde in your hidden twelfth house of the subconscious mind. Now is the time to stop ignoring any nagging feelings in your gut. Seek mental health guidance (in all forms) and start confronting your fears little by little. On the new moon (March 27th), take a break from working on yourself by helping others; this will pay dividends to the universe over the next six months. Make an anonymous donation (maybe here or here) or put in a few hours volunteering at your local library.  


Table for one? Venus retrograding in your eleventh house of friendship may leave you feeling lonely and stressed. Your trademark indecisiveness could get you into hot water with an old friend or a new (romantic) relationship you’re on the fence about. Take this time to evaluate the people you hold dear. Do they lift you up and empower you? If not, take the new moon on the 27th as an opportunity to Love It or List It for good. Whatever you decide, do it with grace. Jupiter is still retrograding until early summer, which means that an ex or frenemy could do some gnarly damage in the meantime.


The sun is now in your professional tenth house and it is blindingly bright. This is a good thing! Just make sure you don’t overheat yourself, sweet crab. You may not see it yet, but you’re at a lil’ crossroads. Feeling under-appreciated at work? Now might be the time to ask for a raise, a transfer, or more responsibility with purpose. Harness that new moon energy on the 27th and make your big move for the better. If you’re feeling stuck, find inspiration in the stories of some of environmentalism’s greatest figures like Wangari Maathai, Dian Fossey, or Sylvia Earle.


If you’ve been straight-up vacationing inside your own head lately, there’s a reason for that. For the past two weeks, Venus has been in retrograde in your ninth house of the higher mind, prompting you to reevaluate your own moral code. Take a page from the notebook of explorer Becky Chung and courageously traverse some unknown territory. Maybe you’re thinking about going vegan or divesting from your big bank. On March 27th, a new moon in Aries will put all of those weird feelings to good use, pushing you to make that bold move once and for all.


Oh, virtuous Virgo, your outlook is fresh as hell as the Sun breezes into your eighth house of transformation on March 20th. Until April 21st, Mars is in Taurus and your ninth house of inspiration and optimism. Take this opportunity to explore a group, class, or relationship that challenges your perspective. Prepare to leave old habits and negative self-talk in the dust on March 27th when the new moon is in Aries. Join a community garden, volunteer at a shelter, or start saving for a trip abroad. Put your intentions out there and see what happens!


Tensions with your partner might bubble to the surface during this Venus retrograde, fair Libra. However, it’s nothing a little quality time can’t fix. Watch a documentary, reconnect in nature, or have a healthy discussion over a home-cooked plant-based meal. After the new moon on the 27th, this investment will pay off — you and your partner can push the reset button and begin anew. You won’t be out of the woods until the retrograde is over April 15th, but you can breathe a little easier. If you’re still experiencing anxiety — your sign does make you a worrier — then try treating yourself with a little personal care.


The Sun moves in on Aries and your sixth house of systems on the 20th, spikey Scorpio, giving you a lot of energy to refresh your health, exercise, and organization routines. If you have trouble getting started, bring your gaze down to the everyday. Go through your closet and throw a clothing swap with friends and neighbors; clear out your email inbox; set up Resistbot to send faxes to your representatives for you. On March 27th, harness the cosmic energy of the Sun, Moon, and 3 planets in Aries to take on a monster change you've been putting off, and give it time to progress over the next six months. Jupiter is set up in your twelfth house of intuition all month, so trust your instincts. You might just transform your life!


¡Ay, caramba! Things are complicated this month: The Sun moves into Aries as Venus retrogrades in your fifth house of romance and creativity until April 15th. This could mean anything from reconnecting with an old flame to feeling artistically blocked. There’s a lot going on here, but the thing to focus on is second chances. You are the huntress of the zodiac, known for your unwavering independence, so letting go might be a bitter pill to swallow. This month’s lunation — on March 27th — brings four planets together under Aries, making you an charismatic leader. Put together an eco-conscious salon with your friends to delve deeper into topics like palm-oil and climate change. Nothing too fancy, just a simple get together in your living room is just fine.


Aries does a pop in on your cozy fourth house on March 20th, which means you will benefit from more down time at home. Let your Mountain Sea-Goat hair down, take a soothing bath, and spruce up your space for spring. A new moon in Aries on the 27th could mean a change in scenery if you are looking to move. The Moon will join the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus that day, which will open your heart to your deepest desires — start recording those passions because they will come to fruition over the next six months.