#IRL: Almost Famous

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This movie has a very special place in my sixth grade heart. I remember it being played ad nauseam at a certain friend’s house, alongside broody flicks like The Virgin Suicides and in between (stolen) cigarette breaks. Oddly, the film had very little influence on my musical preference at the time, which quickly went the way of The Adicts and The Misfits, not Led Zeppelin. But it did help cultivate my puckish teenage identity.

Almost Famous, one of Cameron Crowe’s more coherent films, tells the coming-of-age story of William Miller (Patrick Fugit), a 15 year old fan who finds himself touring with the fictional band Stillwater and writing for Rolling Stone. The film is semi-autobiographical, as Crowe himself wrote for the magazine as a teen. But like, really, Fugit is the least exciting part of this film.

The most tantalizing bits being: the Band-Aids, the “Tiny Dancer” scene, and Stillwater themselves — the focus of today’s #IRL. Here we’ve asked Mary Bryce, lead singer of the very real band Dreamboat, to play both front-woman and fan.

This feature was shot by the incredible Chelsea Laine Francis and clothing was graciously provided by New Bohemia on Airport Blvd in Austin, Texas.

The Bandaids

If you’re at all familiar with the film, you’ll know that the Band-Aids (read: groupies) are led by Kate Hudson — fur-clad, blonde, patron saint of ‘other women.’ I have a love-hate relationship with this character and while, stylistically, she is golden, I wanted to focus on the underrated members of the clique: Sapphire (Fairuza Balk) and Polexia (Anna Paquin).

Mary is wearing a white and red floral halter dress with a soft, jewel-toned makeup look. We couldn’t find anything quite as black and feather-y as Sapphire’s wardrobe but this dress does capture Polexia’s palette and whimsy pretty well.

Here’s what we used:

Lid — Glowstick of Destiny by Shiro Cosmetics*. Here’s a dupe.
Lower lash line — Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha. by Shiro Cosmetics. Here’s a dupe.
Blush — Apricot powder blusher by Au Naturale Cosmetics.
Eyeliner — Pretty All Day Gel Liner by Root.
Mascara — 100% Last Natural Mascara by Root.
Lips — Chloe lip gloss by Root.

*Shiro Cosmetics suffered a bit of internet fame recently and sold out of most everything we regularly use. Go Shiro!


Embarrassingly, I love frontman Jeff Bebe (played by Jason Lee) in this film because I want to date him and be him at the same time. Let’s all reminisce, for a moment, about an age when Lee was still considered heartthrob material.

Talena Sandlin’s vintage collection over at New Bohemia contains a legendary selection of men’s coats and vintage band tees so we executed two looks for Stillwater. The first being the most evocative of the band: a brown faux leather, broad lapeled jacket with an authentic black and yellow Black Sabbath tee.

Here’s what we used:

Lid — A Free Elf by Shiro Cosmetics. Here’s a dupe.
Blush —  Pure rice powder Bondi Blush by Ere Perez.
Eyeliner — Pretty All Day Gel Liner by Root.
Mascara — 100% Last Natural Mascara by Root.
Lips — Jama lip gloss by Root.

Fun Facts ♠ Did you know that Jason Lee was a pro-skater before he became an actor? Here he is in Sonic Youth’s “100%” video. When will I have another time to tell you that? Moreover, Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon makes a cameo in this film as Stillwater’s bassist. Weird, right?

The second look is definitely more era-driven, or at least how we all seem to view the 70s. My managing editor and I argued back and forth about the (very rare) Styx t-shirt, which pairs perfectly with this brick red, crushed velvet jacket. Styx’s career does not run concurrent with Stillwater’s fictional timeline, just so you know. We also changed Mary’s lip gloss to Penelope.

All in all, this #IRL is everything my angsty 12 year old self would have wanted and I hope you feel the same way, too.

Major side note: This feature was shot the morning after Election Day. The mood in the studio jockeyed from devastated to hopeful the entire session. It has been tough to parse the reality of that day as we work feverishly to finish our third issue but here is a good primer on action and giving.  

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