How I Practice Self-Love, Editorialized


There’s no right or wrong way to love yourself, but when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we can get lost in what’s unimportant. The start of one’s day is crucial to its end, so I believe mornings are where it’s at when looking for some one-on-one pamper time. All you night owls out there may be literally cringing at your screens, but whether your morning begins at 8 AM or 1 PM (I mean, who are we to judge), starting the daily flow with practiced self-care is my go-to way to show myself a little love. Nothing comes close to the satisfaction I feel when a little fraction of my day is completely my own.

Whether it’s spent surfing Spotify whilst singing into my hairbrush, sitting alone with my thoughts on a cloud of pillows, or styling a well thought-out, super chic outfit just for the hell of it — those moments are purely mine. In fact, I’m fully convinced it’s times like these are what the one and only Hilary Duff had in mind while writing her masterpiece “What Dreams Are Made Of” circa 2003.

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The Moments Before

Just before you get the ball rolling for the day, take a minute to focus on yourself. I highly recommend thoughtfully primping. Bask in the few minutes you have to enjoy lighting a candle while your face mask dries. Stretch out, relax, and selfie for a few minutes. Some might say this last detail is egotistical, but there is nothing selfish about discovering oneself and loving what you see through your own lens. Get comfortable appreciating the image before you.

Featured: Green Velvet Band Collar Top from Faire, pink beret from Buffalo Exchange, earrings from I Luv Vintage, and purse and skirt are stylist's own. 

Style Boldly

Styling deep colors like these in the spring doesn’t have to be a challenge. Use dark greens, such as this velvet beauty, as your base. Add some contrast with colors like these lighter blues and pinks of this skirt pattern throughout the look to make it pop. The neckline offers a little “mod chic” to this fit, while the abstract print on the bottom keeps it lively, yet sophisticated. We set this outfit on fire with this hot, hot (queue "Fergalicious" in the background) pink beret — which, let’s be real, is probably the best trending hat that has resurfaced the fashion sphere in, like, literally forever. With all this color-play, we calmed the mood down with some subtle white earrings and these summer lovin’ white slingback slip-ons.

Before I leave you, to dance around your room or walk to work, here's a poem from my heart to yours:

SB x Fair-28 -poem.jpg

♥️ Featuring Gabriela Garza. Photography by Mika Locklear. Makeup by Magdalena Antuña. Styling by Fashion Editor Meggie Copeland.  ♥️