Have an Eco-Friendly Easter This Year

In years past, the Easter Bunny has been a pretty wasteful rabbit. The joy of waking up on Sunday morning to a basket full of pastel goodness came at the cost of plastic and paper waste, and in some cases, food waste, too. But this springtime holiday does not have to follow the consumerist pitfalls of Christmas and Halloween. In fact, most of the items below were found at a local health food store, which gives us hope that your long-eared friend might be changing its ways.

If you’re making a basket for someone, begin by swapping that iconic green plastic grass for a recycled paper option. You can also stabilize your goodies with pieces of cloth or ribbons of blue jean. Palm oil free chocolate eggs — big and small — are available from Divine and Equal Exchange. Or make your own filled with caramel or cashew butter. Vegan lollipops, home baked treats, gelatin-free jelly beans, and secondhand books are perfect eco-friendly basket additions, as well.

If you’d like to coordinate an egg hunt, you have quite a few options. There are recycled eggs, which can be put in an industrial composter. There are wooden eggs, which can be painted and sometimes filled — perfect if you’re looking for a dye-like activity. The most lifelike vegan experience we’ve encountered are these ceramic eggs which can be dyed and decorated with soy crayons. The only issue with the ceramic and wooden option is that you have to buy them again each year, unlike the recycled eggs which are reusable. Finally, according to some forums, backyard chickens can eat eggs dyed with natural materials. If there are any readers running rescue hen houses, please let us know. This is a good pack with dyes made from blueberries, spinach, purple carrots, and more.

Unfortunately, we’re still looking for a vegan cascarones DIY that doesn’t include balloons, which are kind of the worst. You could skip the physical element altogether and try our Palm Oil Egg Hunt, an awareness game that helps you look for and identify complex palm oil derivatives.

For Easter dinner, put on your best soft-hued outfit and celebrate with a delicious vegan meal. Start with this Egyptian spiced carrot crostini and smoky little devils. Follow with creamy vegan lemon asparagus pasta and broccoli-leek tartlets. Top off your tummy with vegan and gluten-free carrot cake! Find even more recipes here.

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