The Ultimate Guide to Palm Oil Free Lotion

Whatever your preference, whether you like body butters or liquid lotions, you've likely had a hard time finding one that is palm oil free. Check your favorite drugstore or luxury lotion and we'll bet you anything that it contains a palm-oil derived preservative or emollient like ethyhexyl stearate, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, ethylhexyl glycerin, lauryl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, palmitic acid, and many more. 

We've been sifting through the haystack for a long time, and here are the most noteworthy conflict-free options from 9 entirely palm oil free brands we have found so far. This list contains lotion in every form, whether it be traditional liquid, cream, body butter, or even solid bars. Enjoy!


🌼 Meow Meow Tweet | $10-32 | One of our all-time favorites, this NYC shop is constantly impressing us with their vegan and conflict-free products. Their cocoa skin cream is a staple item and if you have a little babe that has dry skin, then this is a good choice, too. 

🌼 Fanciful Fox | $15 | We admire this mother-daughter duo from New York  so much for reformulating all of their products to be palm oil free, after they decided that there was 'no such thing as sustainable palm oil.' Most exciting is that they are an independent brand that offers liquid lotion — not an easy find!

🌼 Earth tu Face | $38-42 | Started by California herbalists, Sarah and Marina, this luxury brand offers ethical products that are both beautiful and functional. They make a rosemary + salt lotion, as well as, a body butter scented with coconut and cardamom.  


🌼 Purring Buddha | $15-24 | This Utah brand started it all for us and continues to pioneer new innovative products while maintaining their integrity. They make beautiful massage butters, and whipped body butter

🌼 Captain Blankenship | $24 | A nautical themed brand from California that makes palm oil free deodorant, mermaid sea salt hair spray, and of course their sunshine cream, which smells of dark chocolate and coconut. 

🌼 Fat & the Moon | $14-16 | Started by Californian herbalist Rachel Budde, Fat & the Moon offers pure, no-fuss alternatives for all of your daily needs. She makes both an aloe lotion and an all-purpose cream, neither of which contain more than 5 ingredients each. 


🌼 Beridan Naturals | $12-32 | This botanical apothecary makes luxury body butters that are 100% organic and natural. Most exciting is their grapefruit & chamomile butter, but they also offer a "simple butter" that smells of vanilla, if that is more your style. 

🌼 Urban Oreganics | $22 | This isn't just your regular body butter, it's a bath time investment. It's vegan, organic, all-natural and also moonlights as both a shaving cream and a hair mask. Thank you, Portland! 

🌼 Urb Apothecary | $7-11 | We've showcased Leyna's shop before because she makes palm-oil free hair products, salves, and make-up but good news — she make body butters, too! Urb Apothecary keeps their products fresh naturally with hemp, lavender, and arrow root - all of which are organic. They even have a special formula for growing bellies, too!


Did this list overwhelm you? We hope so! While you still may have trouble finding palm-oil free items at the store, know that there are many people — right at this very moment — whom are making conflict-free lotions out there just for you, if you're willing and able to give them a try. 

Among all of the brands that we showcased today, we'd say that the shop who offers the most versatility while still maintaining affordability per ounce is Fanciful Fox.

If you're looking for a luxury brand to invest in, then Earth tu Face is our best palm-oil free recommendation. Top quality cruelty-free and conflict-free sourcing + beautiful packaging — you can't lose!

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