The Ultimate Guide to Palm Oil Free Deodorant

I could give you an anecdote about how amazingly hot it is in Austin, but I'll spare you. The truth is, whether you're in the dead of winter or blazing summer heat while reading this—you probably want or need deodorant. As someone once told me, you can break a sweat shoveling snow. So, I would argue that this list, out of all of our guides, may be the most essential.

We've got something for everyone: sticks, solids, jars, creams, sprays, and more. Twelve brands and dozens of options, sorted by affordability, for palm oil free hygiene in any climate.

🍄 The Fanciful Fox | $5.50-7 | The most affordable choice(s) on our list. The first option being their solid deo, which comes in a biodegradable wrapper. Second, their stick deodorant, which I have tried before and loved. It boasts four scents: lemongrass bergamot, tea tree patchouli, lavender vanilla, and spruce oregano. Both formulas have a base of organic and fair trade shea butter, cocoa butter, and baking soda. Proudly palm-free. Vegan.

🍄 Bare Bones Body | $9 | This sleek tube deodorant comes in three options: original unscented, sensitive, and cedarwood. The formula is simple but powerful, with a coconut oil, shea, and candelilla wax base. What makes this animal-friendly stick so potent? Tea tree oil—sure to carry you through the day without any wayward B.O. Vegan.

🍄 Schmidt's Natural Deodorant | $9-11 | This all-natural deo line offers a fragrance free jar, as well as, many additional scents including: lavender sage, bergamot lime, ylang-ylang calendula, & cedarwood juniper. The base for each is simple and only contains three ingredients: shea butter, arrowroot powder, and baking soda. Update: sensitive formulas and stick deodorant is now available. Vegan. 

🍄 Unearth Malee | $10 | This proudly palm oil free company offers three stick deodorants that are organic and free of aluminum. This formula relies on the moisture-blocking properties of arrowroot and the anti-bacterial quality of coconut oil to get the job done. Check out the Patchouli Orange for something a little different. Vegan.

🍄 Zabana Essentials | $5.95-10.95 | This vegan stick deodorant comes from a proudly palm-free brand. The scent combinations are especially exciting: Lemongrass Nectar, Lime Berry Basil, Lavender Eucalyptus, and Sage Blood Orange. The best part? There are travel sizes available - perfect for backpacking! Update: spray deodorants are now available, too. Vegan.

🍄 Mother Mountain Herbals | $13 | This mist utilizes naturally occurring magnesium–from the Zechstein Sea—to neutralize odors, alongside bergamot, patchouli, lavender, and lemongrass essential oils. MMH has confirmed that the glycerine in this product is derived from organic soy oil. Vegan.

🍄 Fat & the Moon | $13 | While many formulas contain clary sage to deodorize, this brand sets itself apart by adding coconut and black pepper to the mix. Base formula: baking soda and arrowroot powder. Contains beeswax. 

🍄 Meow Meow Tweet | $8-22 | This is what I personally use now and I love it. The scents - lavender and tea tree - are perfect for masking any odor. If you want a deo without baking soda, then MMT has a solution for you, too. Update: stick deodorant is now available. Vegan.

🍄 Captain Blankenship | $14 | We've raved about this scent combination in the past (lime deo, so good!) but forgot to mention a secret ingredient: hops. Base formula consists of coconut oil, arrowroot, baking soda, and shea. Contains beeswax.

🍄 Urban Oreganics | $14 | This baking soda-free cream deo is safe for all skin types but perfect for sensitive skin. The formula contains all of the favorites: arrowroot, candelilla wax, shea, and coconut. Vegan.

🍄 Lovefresh | $24 | This cream stick deodorant comes in four scents, our top choice being Moroccan Rose Absolute. The formula is mostly pretty standard with a few key differences: kaolin clay and coconut wax. Heads up: all of the scents they carry contain sodium bicarbonate and the brand suggests you give your body some time to adjust if you're a first time user. Vegan. 

🍄 Routine | $26 | This Canadian brand offers both vegan and non-vegan jars of their cream-based deo. Base formula: coconut oil, kaolin clay, and baking soda. They have three pages worth of deo scents and strengths + $3 samples you should totally check out! Update: baking soda free formulas now available. 

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