Crank Up Your Oven and Your Style with These Seasonal Pairings

Despite the fact that I have a solid layer of sweat running down my breasts as I write this (curse you, Texas, with your swampy October afternoons), I’ve been dreaming of winter wear galore. With our transitioning closets come new trends, however that doesn’t mean we have to drop the fads that came in with the summer breeze.

Winter may be approaching, but I’m not quite ready to toss out one of my fave summer trends: novelty fruit on anything and everything. The time is ripe (lol) for me to make a case for keeping fruity fashion thriving throughout the coming cold season. I mean, who can resist the look of a perfectly ripe grapefruit, especially if said grapefruit is actually a purse (I’m not drooling, you are). Take a cue from Mother Nature F/W 2018, aka the harvest season, and hold on to some color in your closet, even as big jackets flood the streets, Chelsea boots charge the sidewalks, and black is, unfortunately, worn much too often (what can I say, I’m a walking rainbow) once November rolls around.

Here in Texas, we’re getting inspired by the greens of cabbages and Brussels sprouts; the intense purples of beets and turnips; the oranges and yellows of citrus, pumpkins, and persimmons; and the deep red of pomegranates. While unsustainable in fashion, trends in produce should be consciously observed. According to The Seasonal Food Guide, "Eating with the seasons is a great way for consumers to help cultivate a more resilient, sustainable food system. When you purchase food that's in season from local farms, you're supporting both local farmers and the local economy."

To help you keep your eyes on the (fruity) prize, I’ve asked our Creative Assistant, Victoria, to cook up some seasonal vegan desserts to pair with my most coveted cool weather finds. Get ready to crank up your oven and your style with these cozy, fruit-inspired getups.

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From gardens to tables to closets, the summer citrus trend was one of the most fruitful looks of the summer. Fun fact: citrus is seasonally fall/winter produce, which makes for the perfect excuse to add a bit of clementine to your look (wink wink). This citrus-filled cake is full of colorful inspiration. Dressed with hints of yellow and beautiful red hues, compliments of the Meyer lemons and blood oranges, this one packs a punch on the color spectrum. My biggest hope is that this basil topping will tempt you to incorporate lively green shades into your clothing all year round — having colors that you love in your closet makes it easier to keep them flowing from solstice to solstice instead of buying new each season!

Green is so underrated in colder temps, but it is totally one of my top choices of color this year. If you’re asking me (which you didn’t, but let’s pretend you did), I’d throw on this orange slice pin, with this printed GOLF sweatshirt, and this blood orange plaid skirt for any event this chilly season. Although subtle, this pin really tops this combo off and keeps color flowing throughout the ensemble.

Peep the recipe below and, hopefully, when you have the itch to drench your body in black fabric, you’ll think of this lil’ color play and add a dash of fruity-tooty to your #OOTD instead.

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Okay, okay, this baked pear granola just had to be added to the list. One, because what better way to convince you to pop some pastels into your winter wear than with a tasty pale-hued fruit? And two, because muted yellows and chartreuse pair (get it?) splendidly with the green hues I’ve been raving about. As for this look, I’d center it around this yellow J. Crew button up dress. Maybe pop a few earthy hues in and layer it up with these muted green silk pants, and add a kitschy splash with this vintage pear bracelet. If these tones don’t inspire you, the beautiful silhouette of this fruit is sure to perk you up. Big sleeves and curvacious angles are in this winter. (I’m convinced pears were the muse behind this puff sleeve design!)

Trends, while unhealthy in fashion, are the more sustainable choice when shopping for produce. And it very well might be my divine nature to feel nostalgia towards all things summer (I’m a Cancer, okay, we’re made for the sun and all its glory), or maybe I just really love fruit. Either way, I won’t be packin’ away this summer trend this winter moon. And when you, too, are missing summer’s juicy fruits and the doldrums of winter’s fashion get you down, we suggest you keep your eyes peeled for fruity fashion you can wear all year round.

Words by Meggie Copeland. Styling and set design by Meggie Copeland and Victoria Jameson. Recipe testing and creation by Victoria Jameson and Aaliyah Jenkins. Photography and graphic design by Magdalena Antuña.