Conscious Horoscopes: Self-Love Edition

It’s the week of everyone’s favorite corporate holiday and we love to love you baby! Whatever your relationship status, take our advice to focus on self-love as expansive Jupiter retrogrades through Libra (February 6-June 9). February 25-March 13, Mercury slips into Pisces, along with a solar eclipse on February 26, to put the moves on your intuition. It's time to slow down and work on personal growth. Read on to be your best self!

Illustrated by  Elizabeth Stilwell . 

Illustrated by Elizabeth Stilwell


Happy Birthday, Pisces! It’s your month to treat yo’ self! Start with Valentine’s Day, ruled by Venus and Mars, which are hooking up in your second house of sensuality and luxury. Spend time on self-care — go out for a fancy farm-to-table dinner, buy a really good bottle of organic wine, or a spa treatment you’ve been pining for. With Jupiter in retrograde, your usually rosey outlook is going to be tarnished over the next few months. The only way to move beyond the pain that’s cycling back is to acknowledge it and reflect on your true needs moving forward. Mercury in Pisces is the best time to assert those newly realized needs. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first! On the 26th, take action during the solar eclipse. Make time to discover healing practices — book an appointment with a therapist, join a support group, or start a journal — that ground you instead of retreating into your imagination like you usually do.


Eager Aries, you often put yourself first, so you are no stranger to self-care. Stay the course for Valentine’s Day because Venus and Mars are getting it on that day in your house of self. Center yourself now because as Jupiter retrogrades in your seventh house of relationships, you are going to need to go slower than you like to. Be receptive during the solar eclipse and let the universe guide you — take in a concert or read some poetry (maybe Yesika Salgado) for self-reflection. Insight will come from unusual places if you are open to it.


Zealous Taurus, Venus and Mars are coming together in your twelfth house of compassion for Valentine’s Day and Jupiter is in your sixth house of service. The timing could not be more perfect for you to lend a hand to others — volunteer or donate your time in service to love. Give in your lover’s name to a charity like Preemptive Love, which aids displaced families in conflict areas. Jupiter in retrograde means slow down and be discerning in your endeavors. The solar eclipse on the 26th will fortify your inner strength. Use that time to inspire yourself with the stories of influential leaders like Janet Mock and Malala Yousafzai.


This Valentine’s Day has Venus and Mars banging in your social eleventh house. You will feel plenty of love for people in general, but may not direct it toward one special person right now. Your love for humanity this month will be supplemented by Jupiter’s retrograde which has you feeling expansive. Step back and look at the big picture to evaluate where you want to go next in life and love. Practice self-care by making a list of items you no longer want to do (answer email after 7pm, over schedule the weekend, get into fights on Facebook) and commit to eliminating them from your life.


Valentine’s Day will be a classic affair with Venus and Mars in your tenth house of traditions, capricious Cancer. Buy some locally grown flowers or whip up some palm-oil free nutella. Jupiter in retrograde will have you feeling all the feels, so try to rein them in and process their true origins. Art can have transformative effects, so try doodling or painting in your spare time. While Mercury is in your private eighth house, that’s the time to broach sensitive topics with a therapist or confidante.


Lovely Leo, Mars and Venus unite in your ninth house of spirituality for Valentine’s Day. Check out a local yoga studio with your friend or lover. You may have trouble getting your words out as Jupiter retrogrades through your communication house. However, on the 26th the solar eclipse lights up your erotic eighth house — so maybe no words necessary? Mercury is dipping into your partnership house, so be clear with your intentions to avoid miscommunication.


Lively Libra, you’ve been going hard. Now that Jupiter is in retrograde, it’s time to take a step back for a few months. Start by taking care of yourself with a special gift, like some new underthings (also Venus and Mars are getting down in your relationship house for V-Day, ahem). Take this downtime seriously because it will recharge your energy so you can get back in the game on the 26th. Refreshed, head to a town hall meeting, fax your senator, or join a protest. But remember to maintain your self-care throughout Jupiter’s retrograde so you don’t burn out! Slow and steady wins the race.


Sexy Scorpio, Venus and Mars are bandicooting in your sixth house of wellness for Valentine’s Day. Avoid the indulgence of the holiday by skipping the saccharine sentiment and planning a night of vegan food and um, vigorous exercise. Or get with some friends and volunteer somewhere where you can share your love. Jupiter’s backwards spin means it’s also time to slow down and release your past failings and grudges. Work through those issues with meditation, art therapy, or journaling.


Sunny Sagittarius, you will feel the love while Venus and Mars are in a pants-off dance-off in your passionate fifth house for Valentine’s Day. The success of a big night is written in the stars, so consider throwing a party for friends instead of a traditional outing. The solar eclipse happens in your fourth house of home — take some time for yourself with a home spa day. Jupiter in your eleventh house means you might be better off working alone and scaling back.


Venus and Mars are in your house of intimacy, so whether it’s with friends or a partner, cozy up for a night at home on Valentine’s Day. Throw a party and whip up some cleansing grains or give each other manicures or invite all of your single friends over to watch Reality Bites. Fierce Capricorn, the sun is up in your third house of communication for the eclipse, which means it is a good time to speak up. Reach out to someone you have been meaning to connect with and see where it leads you. As Jupiter spins back in your house of ambition over the next four months, you might experience challenges in your work. Take them in stride and your endeavors will be more stable moving forward.


For Valentine’s Day, Mars and Venus are hanging out in your third house of local events. Now is the time to check out a local play, comedy show, or museum to show your love for your community. Hit the town with friends or chat up strangers because your communications skills are on point right now. Jupiter in retrograde in your ninth house plus Mercury in your second house can put you in a pinch financially — now is not the time for gambling on schemes or ventures.


Your ninth house of risk and adventure is lit up this V-Day which gives you, cautious Virgo, the confidence to try something new. With Jupiter in back-spinning in your second house, you need to watch your finances, so make it an adventure on the cheap — go on picnic, bike ride, or hike with a partner or friend. The solar eclipse will refresh your relationships and help you forge new ones, so be open and vulnerable during this time.