Ride Out Any Season with These Transitional Essentials

I’ve been in a slight funk recently — something that seems to happen each year as we approach the end of summer. The first few weeks of dog days seem to be spent in mini dress bliss and bikini heaven. But as the days get shorter, so does my patience accompanied by my lack of motivation to beat the sweaty conditions and get dressed. At this point (and in this heat) I have two options: either bask in the nude or bike shorts and I’ve pretty much exhausted both. However, the months to come will be an inbetween type of weather situation –– you never know if you’ll walk out into a little bit of fall or a hot sauna. I find that a clothing rut tends to be a bit harder to overcome at this point. I mean, I don’t want to buy things I’ll only wear for a few more weeks, but I also don’t want to wear anything I’ll have to change out of after that 10 A.M. breeze.

Furthermore, Instagram has clogged my feed with dreams of fall fashion: long puffy sleeves and wide-leg, indigo trousers. This constant view of cold weather heaven has left me pining for more fabric, but my fantasy crumbles around me as I step back into my blistering reality. Shopping for the months of ‘inbetween’ weather can be tricky. So, I have devised a shopping list that’ll help me (and you) do just that, and keep a fresh but hella wearable wardrobe for the foreseeable future.

Curating a (here we are again) ‘conscious closet’ means focusing on utilization and longevity. The right blouse is a ‘12 month’ top — no matter the weather. Think Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but seasons instead of sisters. Keep this in mind when shopping for autumn/winter and contemplate which items will get you through those indecisive transitional months, but will also carry ya through the next two seasons as well.

When it comes to picking out say, a bag, focus on its seasons instead of its moments. Will it get you from Halloween to S/S19? If the answer is yes, the choice is simple! My most coveted items for this coming season are divided below into four different categories: shirts, accessories, pants, and dresses to maximize your buyin’ potential and minimize stress. These items are the main ingredients to a fluid closet.



Simply because a good top can take you anywhere — from a morning meeting, to your afternoon coffee, and then a night on the town, all you need is a quintessential blouse.


Like I’ve stated before, adding accessories is one of the best ways to spice up your closet. Try to avoid getting them from fast fashion brands with cheap production costs and stellar markups. Making smart accessory choices can be a great start to beating the unsustainable system.


We all wear pants despite what the thermometer reads. Sourcing a pair that is light in the summer but layerable in the winter is a great way to get year-round wear out of them.


When you need a breeze or a blanket, dresses are the way to play. I’ve sourced these four for different qualities, but each is breathable and still easily layer-able with 12 months of wear in mind for each.

If one of these items doesn’t pick you up outta your wardrobe rut, nothin’ will. Just kiddin’, but they’re sure to do the trick if you make the right pick.