Everyday Athleisure: Let’s Get Physical (Or Not!)


I've never been what anyone would call a “sporty” person — I'm more of a Clumsy Spice. Somehow, I've actually landed myself in physical therapy for a non-sports related injury, which kind of sounds like a joke but it's not. For the most part, my workouts consist of powering through the sidewalks of New York, doing spin moves around confused tourists, and hustling up and down stairs in subway stations. I go to the gym sometimes. Weirdly, despite such a lowkey athletic lifestyle, I’m highkey into athletic clothing.  

Although this editorial from Issue 03 was about about the androgynous benefits of athletic wear, it introduced me to the possibility of track pants as everyday pants — outside of the gym.

Androgynous style need not be intimidating. If wearing a baroque, quilted suit à la David Bowie seems advanced then we would argue that the track pant is perfect for beginners. This sporty piece is generally cheap at thrift stores, accommodating to many body types, and available in a wide array of cool finishes and cuts — from iridescent to flared.

To that I’ll add that most activewear is also comfortable and easy to care for.

When this piece came out, I started searching for secondhand track pants. Then this spring Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma collaboration alley-ooped my interest to a new obsession. Now when I thrift, I pop into the men’s section to look for Adidas pants and mesh jerseys to add to my growing collection of athletic wear. I pair those activewear pieces with blouses, crepey pants, big earrings and waist bags — a look exemplified by Stella McCartney for Adidas — you know, just enough “regular” clothes so everyone knows I’m not off to play sports. I have a reputation to maintain after all.

Below are some athleisure pieces I’m looking to score secondhand atm.

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Photographed by Mika Locklear for Issue 03. Styled by Magdalena Antuña. Featuring Andrew Benys and Blair Stokes.