Don't Blink or You Might Miss This February's Theme!

💝  To kick off our February issue, Editor in Chief Magdalena talks about seizing the shortest month of the year in this Editor's Letter.  💝

Dear Readers,

Growing up, Valentine’s Day was always kind of a cheeky joke in my house. I’m a Scorpio — born on November 14th — which means that I was, as my parents put it, a love baby. Most years, I would wake up to flowers or a small gift and my hippie parents hovering over my bed, jokingly announcing that they made me x number of years ago that day. In fact, I still call or text them every year on V-Day, congratulating them on the best decision they ever made.

TMI? Stay with me. It wasn’t until college when the romantic (and commercial) aspects of Valentine’s Day started creeping into my field of view. I fully embraced the grand gestures and kitschy novelty of cupid motifs and teddy bears holding “I love you” pillows. Maybe it’s my sappy upbringing or questionable taste, but even today, as a somewhat model environmentalist, it’s hard for me to give the ax to this made-up holiday and its inscrutable waste.

Heart-SelvaBeat-Strip3 copy.jpg

Yes, you should skip the cheaply made stuffed animals and the imported roses. But you should also embrace this short month for what it is: a catalyst to meaningfully connect with others. Focus on your bonds, celebrate Black History Month, and work on your resolutions.

That’s why this issue’s theme is connection, specifically how we connect with one another to protect the planet.

If, like me, you also can’t help but stan a good motif, don’t worry. We’ll bring on the sustainable kitsch like we do every holiday season, with a full schedule of editorials, features, and guides.

Sustainably Yours,
Magdalena Antuña
Editor in Chief