How to DIY Last Season’s Trend into This Spring’s Best Friend

My ideal morning outfit prep consists of 20 minutes lounging in bed patiently waiting for the picture perfect blend of fabric to pop into my mind. Last week, having let my snooze button get the best of me, I was forced to skip my usual relaxed routine.

Lacking inspiration for my outfit of the day, I quickly rummaged through my wardrobe and spied some fishnets I hadn’t thought of since last season’s mesh craze. I did the classic little 360° spin only to find a dreaded tear grazing my lower left knee on the surface of my crisp white fishnets. In the time that had passed since my excessive use of fishnets during last year’s (loved, but now dead) heavy layered, netted trend, I had managed to snag a little hole in my once mint condition pair. That inch of tattered nylon seemed more like an unwelcome guest to the party than a hip, ragged fashion statement and I came to terms with the fact that it was time to put these stockings to rest.

Having had this inconvenient moment one too many times, I also imagined the pile-up of wasted hosiery I’ve sent to the recycling bin. I knew I had to find a way to stop throwing my money down the drain, so once my day came to end, I reconnected with my slightly beat-up fishnets and began to brainstorm.


The finished look is inspired by one of my current icons, Reese Blutsteins, aka @double3xposure. The vintage transparent number she sported to the Chanel runway show during Paris Fashion Week is easily one of my favorite looks that I came across that week.

Armed with fabric scissors and a vision, I created a slightly rebellious head-to-toe fishnet look ready for the streets (I’m a fan of milking the lifespan on any good trend). Victoria is pictured in this subtly patterned transparent frock over biker length shorts I cut just above the knee (where that pesky hole once lived).

Despite the fact that the love for fishnets has come and gone for most with the season’s change, this material is the best counterpart to your fave transparent garments. Reawaken last season’s trend with one of this season’s most beloved style crushes: literally anything transparent you can get your hands on. Paired with a little hint of netting around the neck, I finished off the outfit with some socks, also cut by yours truly.

Start small and find the length that suits your ankles best — I recommend always making your incision a little bit higher on your pair due to the fact that the fabric tends to shrink down a bit. The best part about a trend is that although it may not last for the rest of the fashion world, it leaves you with inspiration and just enough fabric to help you keep it alive for as long as you’d like.

Funky fishnet hacks for every trend-milkin’ babe:

  1. Layer them over this season’s coveted colored tights.
  2. Throw them under your bathing suits for a fab lounge-ready day look.
  3. They make the best companion to this season’s dark denim fad.
  4. Sport them as a headband for those oh-so-deliciously warm spring weekends!
  5. When you wait until the last minute to do your laundry only to realize you are sockless at the most inopportune time, makeshift fishnet socks make a great replacement pair for your sneakers.

👟 Featuring Victoria Jameson. Photography and makeup by Magdalena Antuña. Styling by Meggie Copeland.  👟