Conscious Horoscopes: Solar Power Edition

The season of Leo, ruled by the Sun, is full of red hot positivity as the universe is lit up with powerful celestial forces. Your sunny outlook will be an asset to breaking down the fear associated with big challenges. This month, tackle one of the biggest — climate change — with practical and innovative gusto. The dirty energy industries destroy the environment and contribute to air pollution, which is linked to around 6.5 million deaths every year. Solar power is now challenging the stronghold of oil and coal — and investing in that technology will only make it better and more efficient to use, and will provide much needed jobs across the country. Read on for how your sign can support the solar industry and fight climate change in Leo. You’ve got the (solar) power!

Astrological events of the month include:

Illustrated by  Elizabeth Stilwell

Illustrated by Elizabeth Stilwell

  • The Sun moves into Leo on July 22

  • Mars in Leo from July 20 until September 5

  • Leo new moon on July 23

  • Sun-Mars Meetup on July 26

  • Second Leo new moon on August 21 is a total solar eclipse!


Happy Birthday, Leo! Both the Sun (your celestial ruler) and Mars are igniting your sign and making this season hot, hot, hot for you! Their celestial tryst on July 26th will make you feel especially sultry — put your passion in play after the new moon on the 23rd lights up your house of initiatives. The start of your birthday season is the perfect time for new beginnings. This might mean a new career (consider the green jobs industry), a new home (maybe with solar capabilities?), or a simply a fresh, sunny outlook after a tough year. These plans will gain extra heat on August 21st from a second Leo new moon plus total solar eclipse combo! The red planet only visits your sign every two years; in addition, back-to-back new moons and a total solar eclipse in Leo are all rare occurrences. The universe is on fire you this year, lucky lion, so take some risks and shine bright!


The Sun and Mars blaze into your seventh house of partnerships on July 22nd, lighting the way for both personal and business partnerships. Mars is also in Leo from July 20 until September 5, with an exact alignment of the Sun and the red planet happening on July 26th. The new lunation on July 23rd sparks a six-month cycle of changes for you. A second new moon that’s also a total solar eclipse means your partnership potential is lit! Use the universe to join forces with similar minds. Maybe you’ll meet a partner that shares your values. Or perhaps you want to support organizations promoting solar power, like Green for All by volunteering or donating. You can also find highly rated organizations on GuideStar with a free account (search “solar” by state or city). Whatever you choose to do, your interpersonal prowess will serve you well this season.


Good day, sunshine! On July 22nd, the Sun enters Leo and your health-conscious sixth house. This is a season of well-being and organization for you. Red hot Mars is also fanning the flames in Leo until September 5, giving you an extra motivation. The alignment of the Sun and Mars on July 26th is the perfect time to ignite your health-focused plans. Join a free exercise class that meets outside, help out in your local community garden, or just get out in the sunshine for some Vitamin D — but don’t forget your sunscreen if you’ll be out longer than 15 minutes! The new lunation on July 23rd and another on August 21st (with a total solar eclipse!) will bring you boosts of energy as you make sustainable and healthful changes.


Your creative fifth house is lit when the Sun moves into Leo this season. Your passions are ignited and you are ready to let loose! We suggest a solar powered party to keep the fun going all day and night thanks to ol’ Sol. If you are within the August 21st eclipse path, consider throwing a party to celebrate. You can make or buy solar powered lights, coolers, speakers, and chargers which will take you through the eclipse and into the night! Begin your party planning after the new moon on July 23rd or at the meetup of the Sun and Mars on the 26th when your creativity is at its peak. Your charm and influence are sizzling this season! The switch to solar power usually spreads by word-of-mouth, so during and after the party take the time to show off your sun-powered setup and get your friends interested in changing their own energy habits for the better.


The Sun is lighting up your fourth house of family and home this season. You may want to stick close during these dog days of summer, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t busy. Mars in Leo until September 5th means you are ready to initiate a monster renovation or other home-based effort. Consider adding solar panels or Tesla’s cool solar roof tiles for fossil-fuel free energy! If you are an apartment dweller, review these options or check out a very simple solution called the SunPort. If you’re house-hunting, now is an excellent time to pounce (obvs, look for a solar-powered home if you can). Whatever your plans, be prepared for extra momentum during the new lunation on July 23rd, on July 26th when the Sun and Mars get down in Leo, and on August 21st for the new moon plus super-extra total solar eclipse. Your plans will unfold over the next six months. Nothing’s going to stop you now, red hot ram!


The Sun is shining in your third house of communication and social capital as it enters Leo. The new lunation on July 23rd could fire up a mega mind meld in preparation for the rest of the season. New opportunities will kindle when Mars and the Sun meet up on July 26th and again when the skies reveal a total solar eclipse on August 21st. If you’ve been on the fence about something (let’s face it, you probably have been, Gemini), now is the time to act. Ask local environmental organizations how you can help promote renewable energy in your city. Go to your next local community meeting and tell them you want (nay, demand) access to solar and/or wind energy. See if your city, county, state, or university has committed to The Paris Accord, despite the U.S. government pulling out. If not, ask them why. Big changes are on the horizon and you could be a part of them!


On July 22nd, the Sun blows out of your sign and blazes into Leo, lighting up your second house of work and security. You don’t need luck because you are crushing it, crab! Financial opportunities will spark at the new moon on July 23rd and your earning potential will heat up when Mars and the Sun align in your money zone on July 26th. You may see your prosperity alight on August 21st when a second new moon (plus a solar eclipse) occurs. With all of this celestial heat, you may find yourself more financially flush at this time. If you are looking to invest, consider Wunder Capital, which allows you to put your money to work for solar investments. Or it might be the right time to invest in renewable energies for your own home. Just trust your instincts because the universe has your back!


Get your virtues in a row as the Sun illuminates your restful twelfth house this season. The new moon on July 23rd initiates a time of transition and reflection for you. It may be time to address a nagging emotion or fear in order to move forward. Frankly, all of us should be concerned about climate change. You may want to take this reflective time to learn more about how to reach others and to educate yourself on the issues. Renewable energy is of course a big issue, so consider watching the documentary, Catching the Sun on Netflix. Or get Before the Flood or This Changes Everything on demand. Be thoughtful in your research; the universe will motivate you through this season with a new moon on July 23rd, the union of the Sun and Mars on the 26th, and a special second new moon and total solar eclipse on August 21st. Following this energetic celestial dance, dear Virgo, you will feel prepared to shine and share!


The Sun is leaving Cancer and heating up your social eleventh house in Leo. Collaborative power is awaiting your special spark following the new moon on July 23rd. Perhaps it is time to look into the status of renewable energy in your community. Unless you live in one of these 3 cities, there’s probably a lot of work to be done. The eleventh house also rules teamwork, so reach out to some grassroots organizations in your community that are supporting the green energy movement away from fossil fuels. The Sun-Mars meetup on July 26th and the new lunation plus total solar eclipse on August 21st will give your spark the fuel to burn bright in this new network. Join forces with like-minded folks and see where it takes you!  


Your tenth house of career, structure, and long-term plans is heating up as the Sun moves into Leo on July 22nd. You are ready to focus on your goals and put them into action, scrappy scorpion. The new lunation on the 23rd will ignite your career goals and motivation, so shoot for the stars. If you are looking for a new direction, consider working in the solar industry — there are twice as many solar jobs as there are coal jobs in the U.S. today (mainly because of fracking). Work installing panels and doing maintenance are not jobs that can be outsourced, so they are not likely to disappear soon. To get a leg up, look for organizations and resources in your area for green job re-training. If you’re happy where you are, consider greening your office or building with solar panels or compost collection. Your efforts will explode into action as the Sun-Mars meetup occurs on the 26th, followed by a new moon that is also a total solar eclipse on August 21st. Shine on, Scorpio!


The Sun is moving into your “natural ruler,” the ninth house of optimism and ethics beginning this season. Your world is aligned and you are feeling ready to take risks, sunny Sag! The new lunation on July 23rd will initiate a big project in your life that better reflects your values. You might be ready for a leap, like getting off the grid completely with Tesla’s solar panels and Powerwall. Or you might want to invest in a solar kit to use on your next trip since the ninth house also rules long-distance travel. The Sun and Mars align on July 26th, giving you an extra boost of motivation. On August 21st, take your biggest risks because that new moon is also a total solar eclipse! Whatever your plans, enjoy the power of positive thinking, brought to you by the universe.


On July 22nd, the Sun will spice up your eighth house of intimacy and sex. Heat up your water (and your sex life?) with a new solar powered water heater. Feels so good to #keepitintheground. Or “get off on saving the planet” with this Solar Bullet vibe. Your plans will be especially satisfying following the new lunation on July 23rd and when the Sun and Mars hookup on the 26th. Another boost will arrive with the second new moon and total solar eclipse on August 21st. Whatever you share with others should be your focus at this time — practice intimacy of space, energy, time, and love together.