Conscious Horoscopes: Halloween Edition

The season of Scorpio, ruled by the dark planet Pluto, is timed perfectly with the holiday celebrating all things spooky and ooky. Halloween can be a wickedly wasteful holiday with candy wrappers, decorations, and cheap costumes bought for one night of use. But we suggest you approach shopping for your costume like you would any other conscious item. Ask yourself if you can rent it or get it secondhand. Will you wear it 30 times or more? Does it work with other pieces in your closet? Is it easy to care for or repair? Shopping for a Halloween costume this way can be an excuse to nab an item you are lusting after this season (hello camo print!) but should not be an excuse to wastefully buy what you don’t need and will never wear again. And even if you don’t enjoy the thrill of the hunt at your local thrift, there are plenty of online retailers that make shopping secondhand dead simple. Check out Thred Up, Ebay, Etsy, Luxury Garage Sale, The Real Real, and Depop to name a few. Halloween costumes can be your own interpretation of a character — your personal style should override accuracy. Scorpio’s energy may bring about transformations in your thoughts and actions this season. As big proponents of thrifting, we encourage you to score some secondhand clothes for your costume that you will continue to wear. Or wear as a costume again — like, who wouldn’t want to be pretend to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer every year? Read on, Hallowqueens, for your sign’s costume and how to thrift it.

Illustrated by  Elizabeth Stilwell .

Illustrated by Elizabeth Stilwell.

Astrological events of the month include:

  • On October 23rd, the Sun moves into Scorpio

  • The Sun and Jupiter meet up in Scorpio on October 26th

  • Venus will be in Libra from October 14th to November 7th

  • Mars will join Venus in Libra from October 22nd to December 9th


Happy birthday! When it comes to Halloween, horror-obsessed Scorpios are down to clown — as Pennywise that is. The creepy clown from Stephen King’’s It is a popular costume this year thanks to the recent film, but let’s be honest, the character is perfect for you. Just in time for the holiday, Jupiter and the Sun will be floating into your sign, bringing you a frightening amount of courage and creativity. Channel it into this full face makeup look and become Pennywise. Even though the character’s costume is very defined, go for your own interpretation with palm oil free makeup and secondhand clothes like this frilly blouse. Consider wearing it with genie pants or this fun polka dot skirt. Instead of a pom pom shirt, try these earrings by Babe Comets that you can wear all year round. Or glam it up with some red bio glitter on your face or hair. Whatever your interpretation, creep it real, Scorpio babes! P.S. If you’re looking for a longwearing, matte vegan red eyeshadow, this is the one we’ve used on many shoots.


Aquarius, your sociable nature means you’d never want to scare people away from you, even if it is Halloween. You’re a gifted communicator and popular among crowds of people, so a most appropriate character for you is Josie (& the Pussycats) — a group costume of course! Mars and Venus move into your adventurous ninth house mid-October, giving way to a feeling of fun and possibility. You might want to throw your own Halloween party or meet up at a karaoke joint and go totally authentic! From the classic comic to the film to J&P’s newest iteration in Riverdale, you have a lot of costume options. We love the 90s club kid vibe of the film and would wear this butterfly halter, choker, and flared pants. You can easily make ears with just your hair, but if yours isn’t not long enough, just DIY some with fabric or paper and a headband. Any way you play this character, you’ll have a blast!


Mysterious Pisces, who better to represent your sign than Carmen Sandiego, the red clad rouge of computer games from the 80s and 90s. The ringleader of a global criminal organization, she’s an enduring female character, especially in light of the news of Netflix’s reboot with Gina Rodriguez. Jupiter in your ninth house until November of next year brings with it travel and global connections (hopefully legal ones for you!). And the current red clothing trend ensures bold babes like yourself will continue wearing this power color throughout the season. Snag a good-as-new red coat on The Real Real, add a red hat like this one and pop both pieces over any ol’ black top, pants, heels, and gloves. Your lone nature will also be an asset here — at parties, you can slink around mysteriously or exclaim, “The Gumshoes are on to me!” and move away when you need some solitary time.


Aries, emblem of personal development and exercise, your ideal costume is more badass than bloodcurdling: the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (aka GLOW). If you didn’t see the Netflix series, know that they are about about strength and sisterhood (and fabulous 80s fashion), loosely based on the real GLOW women. Any combo of leotard (or swimsuit tbh), tights, socks, sneakers, and sweatband will work, but teased hair and a big personality definitely help! On October 23rd, the Sun moves into your eighth house of joint ventures, so if you’ve got a squad, go together as a team. If not, choose the wrestler you relate to and can pull off — they are quite the characters — and get ready to rumbllllleee!


Tauruses are keenly in tune with the natural world, so this Halloween, keep the supernatural in check as Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer. (She’s also a favorite among the SB team and frankly we had no choice but to include her.) Jupiter is swooping into your opposite sign, Scorpio, and your seventh house of partnerships until November of next year. You may find yourself attracted to a partner with a drastically different background (like your very own Spike, hmmmm). Or you may also just enjoy the intimate company of your crew like Buffy does. Pull together or thrift an outfit you can kill vamps in — jeans, a ribbed turtleneck, boots, and a fitted jacket. Oh, and don’t forget your trusty wooden stake!


Gemini, you are the great communicator and until next November, Jupiter will be camped out in your sixth house of health and service. For these reasons, the best costume for you this year is one of the Trimates (aka Leakey’s Angels — we told their story earlier this year). The sixth house also rules pets, and while their primate friends were certainly not pets, they fit into your story in the season of Scorpio. Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas were and are great conservationists and animal rights activists. They communicated what they discovered about primates and added so much to the collective scientific knowledge about them. Whether you go as a trio with friends or choose one of them to represent, know how much they have contributed as women in science. Suit up for harsh conditions with durable duds in khaki, camo, or denim (all useful for a fall wardrobe as well) and some sturdy boots. Bonus points if you bring a notebook and take detailed notes on fellow partygoers.


As Jupiter moves into Scorpio and your fifth house of expression and creativity, you’ll feel ready for bold and adventurous moves. We don’t know anyone bolder than Earth incarnate, Gaia. Just like Gaia, your sign relates to the root of all things — home, security, mothers, and nurturing. Play this character in a way that best suits you: hippy boho Mother Earth with flowers in your hair, or like our punky goddess interpretation here. The fifth house also rules glamor so green glam should definitely be incorporated into your lewk — get one of these pretty eyeshadows we tested in Issue 03. Or take your performance to the next level by embodying the terrifying specter of climate change as Gaia looking like you just came from a bar fight; same costume but with disheveled hair, a black eye, and dirty, torn clothes. Wander around the party moaning, “Help me!” Your friends will love it. ;)


Halloween plays to your dramatic nature, Leo, and you need a costume that will bring you the attention you crave. The dreamy and mesmerizing Elaine from The Love Witch is your perfect costume — she’s no basic witch. Scorpio rules your fourth house of women, mothers, and female relatives, so you might be drawn to more feminine energy this season. The Love Witch’s feminist examination of love and desire aligns perfectly with this theme and your appreciation for romance and creativity. Recreate Elaine’s look with a 60s inspired dress, vintage jewelry, and dramatic, bright eyeshadow, cheeks, and lips. Pro tip: Filter out sheath dresses and shorter lengths on Thred Up to find similar dresses. Then look for simple 60s silhouettes or groovy patterns.


Halloween may not be your favorite holiday, Virgo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play to your strengths if you need a costume. Jupiter is in your third house of communication, local action, and intellectual curiosity until November 8, 2018, giving you ample time to discover your strengths this year. As you explore your characteristic helpfulness and service to others, consider drawing on the collective knowledge of powerful activists. Consider women like Angela Davis, Dolores Huerta, and Simone de Beauvoir, or peruse this list and find an activist you connect with on a personal or cultural level. Like the posts going around of girls dressing up as heroes instead of princesses, these are more homage than costume (please, no appropriation of race or culture). Any of their looks can be pulled together with clothes you already have or a quick trip to your local thrift store, so use the rest of your time to learn about who you are portraying — learning about and embodying a great change-maker may just inspire your own path this season.


Libra, your keen sense of justice extends to your Halloween costume. On October 22nd, Mars enters your sign and turns up your courage and confidence. In addition, Jupiter in your second house bumps up your feelings of self-worth. So this Halloween, embody your powerful convictions as your favorite feminist lawmaker (e.g. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Shirley Chisholm, Sonia Sotomayor, or Ilhan Omar). Like Virgo, you’ll pay homage to powerful women who have helped shape society. Learn more about them and who best represents you, or find another lawmaker who does. Any workwear is appropriate here: Shirley Chisholm rocked dynamite patterns in the 60s and 70s, or if your can find a black graduation gown at the thrift store, you’re done and done for the justices. Use the rest of your time to call your congressperson about the upcoming tax reform or promote Medicare For All as an antidote to the US’s truly horrifying healthcare system.


Hey Sag, your characteristic luck and spirituality will serve you well in the season of Scorpio. Mars hanging out in Libra until December 22nd will deliver you a full schedule of both work and parties. This Halloween, embrace your love of travel and adventure as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In the spirit of Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia (RIP), Rey is a bombass character your sign can relate to. Recreate her look by belting a scarf or poncho (cowgirl fashion is on trend anyway) over a tee and cargo pants or legging. Pop on some comfy boots and you’re ready to kick ass across the galaxy.  


Greetings and salutations, Capricorn. Concerned with image, status, and structures, your sign will be greatly influenced by Jupiter in your eleventh house until November of next year. The eleventh house rules friendships and group activities, so there’s no better group costume for Caps than Heathers, a dark comedy about high school hierarchies. This cult classic has everything — great lines, awesome 80s fashion, and fun characters. Are you a Heather or Veronica? Whoever you and your squad want to be, you can easily find secondhand plaid skirts and blazers that will stylishly take you through winter (choose more modern shapes if you prefer). Tease up your hair, pull it into a scrunchie, and dial up the attitude. How very.