Conscious Horoscopes: Love Edition

The season of Libra, ruled by Venus, is a celestial love-fest. We’re talking love in all its beautiful forms — self, familial, platonic, romantic — as the passionate planets, Venus and Mars, get busy in Virgo. There’s so much going on in the world to overwhelm us with negative feelings, but we might find a little more harmony and kinship under Libra, a sign with a keen sense for justice. You might be surprisingly eager to make a relationship commitment, reconnect with a friend, start a volunteer gig, or share your home with a new pet. Read on for how your sign can capture the love vibrating through the cosmos and channel it to family, friends, community, and nature during Libra’s reign.

Astrological events of the month include:

Illustrated by  Elizabeth Stilwell

Illustrated by Elizabeth Stilwell

  • Mars is in Virgo until October 22nd

  • Venus joins Mars in Virgo from September 19th to October 14th

  • The Sun moves into Libra on September 22nd

  • On September 28th, Pluto’s retrograde ends


Happy birthday, Libra! The Sun slips into your first house of self on September 22nd, helping you prioritize your needs this season. Maybe you’re looking for greater independence at work or in a relationship. Or you might just want a fresh start with a new sexy ‘do or outfit — it’s your birthday month after all! Mars is dipping into Virgo and your twelfth house of fantasy, hidden agendas, and closure and things could heat up. Whether you take the plunge on a passion project or a partnership, try to pace yourself because your ruling planet, lusty Venus, joins Mars in Libra until October 14, and you don’t want to get burned. Escape the pressure with a short trip into nature or change up your dating scene with a low-key daytime rendezvous at a museum. Keeping your characteristic balance will be a little easier after the 28th when Pluto ends its five-month backspin in your fourth house of foundations. This month will bring you high energy, but remember to prioritize your needs to keep your harmonious nature intact throughout this season’s celebration of YOU.


Mars and Venus are in your eighth house of sex, intimacy, and emotional bonding until mid-October. Meanwhile, the Sun in your big picture ninth house is giving you some much needed perspective. You’re often surrounded by a gaggle of friends, but who can you see yourself being intimate with for the long haul? This doesn’t necessarily mean romance. Who is your rock, your long-term partner, your ride-or-die, Aquarius? If you’re already partnered up, have you put enough time into staying connected (not just over texts)? It might be a good time to try that new vegan place, or take a nature hike to check out the fall leaves together. Use the intimate energy of this season to shore up your close relationships.


Your relationship house is lit up with the arrival of both Venus and Mars as Pluto ends its five-month retrograde in your house of teamwork. In addition, the Sun is sliding into your intimate eighth house of merging and joint ventures (wink, wink). Just kidding — but you may actually find dating less dire with the help of the love planets. If you aren’t looking, you can still leverage their power for other kinds of emotional connections. Maybe you want to join an organization and start volunteering for the love of your community. Or adopt a plant-based diet for the love of the planet. Paired up Pisceans can undertake adventures like these as a couple for even deeper connections. Wherever you focus your affections, you’ll feel planetary encouragement for your efforts.


On September 22nd, the Sun gets down in your seventh house of committed relationships. Of course you love your independence, but the universe wants what it wants — and this season it wants you to be a team player. This might mean a new business partner, a love interest, or...something else. Through mid-October, Venus and Mars are teamed up in your sixth house of order, which also rules pets. Get this, Aries — according to research, owning a pet can actually make you a more attractive potential partner. It’s science. So if you’re ready for the commitment, it’s a great time to consider adopting one of the thousands of shelter animals waiting for their forever home. You might get more romantic action as a pet owner, but if even if you aren’t into that, at least you’ll save a life and gain a friend.


If you’ve been feeling sluggish, the Sun moving in on your sixth house of health and fitness may help you get your groove back. On the 28th, Pluto’s five-month backtrack through your house of growth and risk-taking finally ends. Use this cosmic realignment to prioritize your well-being with a new and improved routine. Mars and Venus slide into your playful fifth house until the middle of October. During this time, your renewed focus on your mind, body, and health will bring you incredible self-confidence — and maybe some attention. Entertain the attraction if you’re interested, or just drink it in and move on. If you’re coupled up, take advantage of the mood and have some fun while the fire is hot. Whatever you do, tenacious Taurus, do it for you.


Your fifth house of desire sizzles this season as the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd. If you’ve been feeling emotionally distant the past few months, the end of Pluto’s backwards reign in your intimate eighth house may help you feel more willing to share yourself with others. Mars and Venus are spending QT time in your fourth house of home, family, and inner foundation, which means you might find satisfaction reconnecting at home with friends or loved ones. Think about hosting an autumn or Halloween party, decorative gourds and all! Or start making holiday plans to reconnect and give into the nostalgia of the season — just be mindful of your often fluid emotions to avoid confusion or miscommunication.


Venus and Mars are gathering in your social third house through mid-October, giving you the push to communicate with others. However, the Sun moves into your domestic house on September 22nd, so you might feel more comfortable online than IRL. On September 28th, Pluto’s retrograde in your house of intimacy and bonding finally concludes, leaving you better equipped to build partnerships. If you’re looking for love, give online sites a chance (yes, again!) with fresh eyes. If you’re not looking or are already in a relationship, seek out connections that could use some attention. Send your S.O. an unexpected text during the day, reconnect with a friend with plans to meet up, or join a group that can help your career or otherwise support you. With the unity of the love planets on your side, you’ll find it easier to express yourself and grow.


Venus and Mars are linking arms and strolling into your practical second house through mid-October, making you pine for stability this season. On the 22nd, the Sun enters your social third house, drawing you out and making you eager to meet people. This cosmic concoction makes it the perfect time to join an organization, host a party, or deepen a commitment. The third house also rules community, so consider joining a local organization of like-minded people to do some good together.  And in case you didn’t know, Leo, altruism can make you more attractive to others. Do it first for humankind, but don’t be surprised if you meet someone at the same time ;).


The end of Pluto’s five-month long retrograde in your fifth house of self-expression means you are probably ready to revamp your style. Passionate Mars and Venus swing into your sign of self and stay through the middle of October, adding to your urge to reveal a new you. Consider refreshing your wardrobe with more sustainable items — but with the Sun moving into Libra and your second house of money, you should take the time to seek out high-quality purchases that make the most of your hard earned dough. Look for natural materials, ethical production, and seasonless pieces. And *nudge, nudge* researchers at Loyola and Carnegie Mellon found that buying eco-friendly over luxury can make you more desirable as a long-term partner. Shopping more consciously — even if it’s secondhand — could help you find an S.O. (or BFF) with similar values. If you’re not looking or already coupled up, it’s a great way to show your passion for Mama Earth as well.


On September 22nd, the Sun swoops into Libra and your restful twelfth house. It’s the season preceding Scorpio, so this is a good time to renew and reflect. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring though! Passion planets Mars and Virgo move into your house of friendships and groups while Pluto ends its retrograde in your third house of communication. It’s an opportune time to make new connections or reconnect with lost ones. Attend a concert, host a fall bash, or take a trip. The eleventh house also rules surprises, so take a chance and shock a friend or relative with a visit, if you can. Take a chance and strike while the universe is on your side, lil’ scorpion!


This season, Mars and Venus are kicking it in your tenth house of structure, and Pluto’s backwards reign of your second house of routines finally concludes. You’ll feel both energized and better prepared to take on a long-term commitment. On the 22nd, the Sun glides into your eleventh house of group activity and you’ll feel more like your adventurous self. With the holidays coming up, you might start planning some parties and filling out your social calendar. Consider throwing a get-together and show off by serving only delicious plant-based treats, or take the leap and go completely vegan. Whatever you go for commitment-wise, the universe applauds your efforts.  


The Sun in your ambitious tenth house has you ready for anything this season. But this house also rules boundaries, so while you aren’t ready to go wild, you are down for some adventure. This feeling is compounded with lusty Venus and Mars taking up residence in your ninth house, making you long for travel — and even a little bit of risk. Get out of your routine with an international trip or anything that helps you make connections with different types of people. Conversing with others IRL helps increase your capacity for love and empathy. The best thing you can do right now is to get out of your comfort zone to expand your heart and your horizon.