Conscious Horoscopes: H2O Edition

As we enter the season of Cancer, a moody and empathetic sign, you may find yourself craving calming elements like water. From summer fun to sea level rising, water is an essential part of life (heck, it makes up 65% of the human body!). A water sign, Cancer is as variable as H20 itself and able to cause destruction or refreshment in various forms. Neptune, the God of the Sea, is also (obviously) associated with water, as well as mercy and compassion. A retrograde ruling these characteristics can help us balance the unpredictable nature of water and channel it into good habits, conservancy, and charity. Read on for how your sign can stimulate calming blue energy during Cancer’s reign. 

Astrological events of the month include:

Illustrated by  Elizabeth Stilwell

Illustrated by Elizabeth Stilwell

  • Mars in Cancer from June 4 to July 20

  • Neptune is retrograding from June 16 to November 22

  • The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21

  • June 23 marks the new moon in Cancer


Cancer rules the foundation of life and your birth month marks the strengthening of that foundation for your personal new year. After some tough months, you’re getting your groove back, lil crab, and feel ready to take on the world. Enjoy your birthday and make some big plans for the rest of the year. Whomever is part of your foundation — family, partners, friends — make them part of your schemes, if you can. Remember, Neptune is back spinning through Pisces and your ninth house of travel, study, and philosophical explorations until November 22nd. Considering the nature of water under Neptune, perhaps you might plan to travel to places that will eventually vanish as a result of inaction on climate change: the Dead Sea, the Florida Everglades, Venice, Glacier National Park, or the Marshall Islands, among many. If you don’t have the ability to go on a trip, order some yummy take-out and watch the incredible documentary, Chasing Ice. Or perhaps get into a swimming habit with a friend for stress relief and health. The new lunation on the 23rd is an excellent time to make plans that will unfold over the next six months. Whatever you do, keep your feet firmly planted and your eyes on the future and you will accomplish amazing things!


The Sun in Cancer on the 21st has you re-evaluating your health and wellness practices. Water is wildly important for brain function, so make sure to get regularly and properly hydrated. When out and about, carry a bottle — like this one with charcoal — to make any tap water taste good. Neptune is retrograding in your financial house, so skipping bottled water on the go is also a good money-saving move. If you forget to bring a container, look for Boxed Water, which is 100% recyclable and shipped flat to regional filling locations to reduce carbon emissions. Beginning new habits during the June 23rd new moon will help them stick and improve over the next six months.


A huge part of our water footprint comes from the foods we eat, but making a few small changes can mitigate the total amount. On June 21st, the Sun moves into your fifth house of self-expression. Use this interactive plate to figure out the water footprint of different foods and then get creative with low water usage ingredients. Try recipes made with fruits and veggies like cabbage, squash, and watermelon that require less water to grow. Your creativity will kick into high gear during and after the new moon on June 23rd, so take advantage and save recipes with low water usage ingredients to try in the coming months.


The Sun is moving through your fourth house of home while Neptune is back spinning through your twelfth house of healing. If you are feeling run down, try to find time for a getaway near water: a day at the beach or the lake; a walk along a river; or even a couple of hours sitting by a fountain. Exposure and proximity to “blue spaces” — oceans, rivers, lakes, yes, even water features — can have a positive effect on well-being. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy it, so go ahead and prescribe yourself a mental health day at the beach!


Your third house of communication is lit up by the Sun as Neptune retrogrades in your house of group activity. Gather your friends or colleagues for a beach or waterfront cleanup this summer. Or take the Ocean Conservancy’s Skip the Straw pledge together with your pals — that way, you can remind each other to ask for drinks without straws when you are out and about (straws are always ruining otherwise plastic-free beverages!). The new lunation on the 23rd will have you brimming with ideas, righteous ram! Think about how you use and abuse water (long showers, over-washing your hair, small loads of laundry) and take steps to remedy those issues; your plans will come to fruition over the next six months.


The Sun leaves your sign and pops into your second house of money while Neptune dips back into your tenth house of rules. A drippy faucet can waste a ton of water (find out just how much here) and money. Squash leaks with this neat and easy upgrade. Once you’re savin’ those bills, consider giving to the some 1.8 billion people around the world without access to safe water. The Water Project helps create local jobs that provide access to clean, safe, and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. The Water Trust partners with villages, schools, and health centers in Uganda to address critical gaps in water, sanitation, and hygiene. blueEnergy’s community-based work delivers energy, water, and sanitation to some of the world’s most isolated communities within the context of a changing climate. The new moon on June 23rd is ideal to begin your support bringing aid to other people around the world.


Your lazy twelfth house is being poked by the Sun while Neptune retrogrades in your intimate eighth house. According to a lifecycle assessment done by Levi’s, 23% of water consumption and 37% of climate change impact comes from consumer care — mainly from laundering. This is good news, lazy lion, because you can leverage your inner slacker to conserve water and energy. Get more intimate with your clothes after you wear them (sniff test!) and determine whether they are actually dirty or just need a freshening up. Freshen up clothes by hanging them in a steamy bathroom or outside on a clothes line. When you do get around to laundering them, be sure to do a full load with palm-oil free detergent, use cold water to wash, and air dry. The perfect time to make these switches is the new moon on the 23rd.


The Sun is rolling in your social eleventh house as Neptune backs through your seventh house of relationships. Hydration is key in the summer months, dear Virgo, so make it a priority. The eleventh house also rules technology, so get a little help (why not?) from a water tracking app. Challenge your partner or friends to see who can keep up their new habit — set up a friendly wager to make it stick (you can donate the money to charity for free). Kicking off the challenge on June 23rd under the new lunation will be an especially powerful time for positive changes.


Neptune is in retrograding in your sixth house of health and fitness. Take advantage of this slow down by getting in the habit of whipping up fruit-infused water instead of buying soda. Even if you already skip the soda, these refreshing elixirs will help you stay hydrated through the hot summer months. To fight water waste, gather up your fam and determine your collective water footprint with this insightful calculator. As the Sun moves into your tenth house of rules, use the results to make some household changes around water usage. Mars in Cancer and a new lunation on the 23rd will bring motivation plus endurance to your new environmentally-friendly habits.


Cancer’s reign brings you optimism while Neptune bestows a slow burn of self-expression. Sounds like a great time to commit to carrying a water bottle or jar to cut down on plastic bottle usage (people will always ask you about it). Choose-your-own-adventure with options ranging from a spare glass jar to an aluminum bottle to an insulated cup. You might also save money because some businesses will let you get your smoothie or coffee in your own container, and give you a discount! Your characteristic resoluteness will serve you well, as it will take time to master this habit. But be sweet, not spikey as you request businesses to provide this zero waste option.


The Sun in your eighth house of transformation + Neptune retrograding in your domestic fourth house = major changes around your domicile. If you are in the habit of buying bottled water, quit it as long as your tap water is safe to drink (send that money to the people of Flint, MI instead of the largely unregulated bottled water industry). If your water is not safe to drink, consider a more permanent solution, like a home filtration system. If you already drink your tap water straight up, get creative with your necessary hydration: use metal straws to easily drink more, add a squeeze of lemon, or find a container you love to drink from. These habits will strengthen over the next six months following the new moon on the 23rd.


As Neptune retrogrades in your third house of community affairs, the Sun dips into your seventh house of partnerships. If you live near the ocean, a river, lake, or watershed, learn how you can help your community protect it. If you don’t live near water, partner with organizations working for cleaner and better access to water across the world. Become a waterkeeper for the Waterkeeper Alliance, provide monthly support to Water For People, or shop United by Blue, which removes a pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every product sold. Bringing friends or family on board will also strengthen partnership bonds under Cancer. June 23rd is the best time to broach the subject with them, and your work will thrive over the next six months following the new lunation.