Conscious Horoscopes: Equilibrium Edition

As we enter the season of Gemini, a sign characterized by duality, you may feel a sense of confusion or conflict within yourself. Decisions may not be made as quickly, emotions may vacillate, and duplicity may run amuck. But duality, while strong with Gemini, is actually part of the human condition. During this time, be mindful of your “two-facedness” and try to balance the unruly paradoxes of life with radical acts of love, resistance, and justice. Most of us have something about ourselves we want to change, but whether we actually change or not does not preclude us from the love and respect we all deserve as human beings.

Perspective, which gives us the space to challenge entrenched preconceptions, is important and a strength of the twin sign. As you confront your earthly struggles, consider your place in the infinite cosmic arena. Carl Sagan reminds us, “Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the universe, are challenged by this point of pale light.” Exercise that same flexibility in perspective whenever you fail at work, struggle with veganism, obsess over your imperfections, or can’t seem to be the friend/parent/citizen you desperately want to be. Practice treating yourself and others with more kindness as we hurl through space on this pale blue dot together.

The astrological events this month include:

  • May 20th brings the Sun into Gemini
  • Gemini’s new moon arrives on May 25th
  • Jupiter continues its retrograde through June 9th
  • Saturn’s backspin endures through August 25th
  • Pluto’s U-turn continues through September 28th

Retrogrades slow everything down, so use this effect productively by making solid changes that will stick. Reassess your commitments and relationships and beware past transgressions coming back to bite you. Mindfulness is your friend and will help you gain perspective during this celestial slowdown. In addition, anything begun during the new moon will unfold over the next six months — read on for how your sign may struggle during this time and how you can achieve equilibrium in your duality.  

Illustrated by  Elizabeth Stilwell

Illustrated by Elizabeth Stilwell


Happy birthday! This month, the Sun bursts into your house of self, making it an excellent time to work on, well...yourself. Your indecisive personality makes it exceedingly difficult for you to find balance in your life, dear Gemini. You rarely feel confident about your decisions or direction, which can be troublesome to those who care about you — and Saturn’s current backspin through your partnership house isn’t helping. It’s okay to not always know what you want, but you do need a firm foundation on which to build future decisions (aka #adulting). Use this next month to ask yourself some difficult questions: How do you define success? What does happiness look like for you? Which parts of your life are under your control? The best time to ponder will be May 25th when the year's only Gemini new moon arrives and provides you with an extra boost of introspection. Once you define this foundation, supporting decisions should be easier to address. Your characteristic duality can be a blessing or a curse — be mindful of when examination from every angle is needed and when it’s time for ZFG.


Our sunny, solar friend is lighting up your passionate fifth house for a month, making you more conscious of your desires. You often feel vulnerable and this holds you back, but it’s time to push past a fear you’ve had around a hidden passion. Who knows what the future will bring, so go for it now. Start a documentary club or go on an extended trip — you can do this! The best day to make your big move is May 25th, when the new lunation is also in Gemini. Real talk: You may fail, dear Aquarius, but if you do, be mindful of how much you accomplished along the way. Give yourself credit for trying! You will find that you have the capacity to endure and accomplish more than you thought you could. 


The Sun in Gemini is bunking down in your domestic fourth house, causing you to evaluate routines at home. A new moon in the same house means you are ready to shake things up, even as you stick close to your nest. Might it be time to finally make the leap to a vegan diet? Because, sweet Pisces, your rose-colored glasses will not save you from the reality of climate change, and going vegan will have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. During the new moon, start with our fave filling meals so you don’t feel deprived and have fun searching out new ingredients and recipes. If you struggle, you can always Ask Gaia for help. Already vegan? Spring for a new cookbook or hold a small dinner party to show off your best plant-based dishes.


It’s an excellent time to expand your mind with ol’ Sol and your communicative third house. On May 25th, the new lunation brings you heightened creativity and intellectual fervor that will endure over the next six months. If you’ve been putting off learning a new skill or activity, now is the time to take it up. Learn to garden, hobbyhorse, or write short stories. Self-defense classes would be excellent for you (though hopefully, you will never need that knowledge). But, since you are prone to spontaneous action, ardent Aries, the practice will bring more discipline to your quick decision-making. Be water, my friend, as you struggle with your fiery side.


As Earth’s closest star enters your second house of work, money, and security, you're feeling disciplined and ready to take on rewarding new habits. The new moon ushers in a time of stability that will remain over the next six months. However, Jupiter’s retrograde in your house of well-being may have brought back a nagging medical or mental health issue you’ve put off dealing with. Don’t see this as a weakness, tenacious Taurus, but as a chance to finally address the issue and (perhaps) get stronger. You are ready to build positive habits, so prioritize getting to the doctor, nutritionist, or therapist to take care of yourself. Your stubborn and determined nature will help get you through the tough times. Rumi once said, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Being mindful of your pain and the struggle of healing may bring you greater strength in the future.


You might have been happily busy last month, but the Sun in your twelfth house of rest and seclusion is paving the way for quieter times. In your haste, you may have been too distracted to take care of yourself and attend to your feelings, but as Saturn, ruler of karma, turns back through your house of health, your neglect may catch up with you. Take care of yourself and confront emotions you may be avoiding. Be mindful of where they originated and address the problem head on. Your usual composure may be cracking, lil crab, so be mindful of your emotional status and how various situations change your mood. Beginning at the new lunation on the 25th, start journaling these feelings and give yourself a break when you can’t keep it together — no one can all the time.


The great ball of plasma in the sky is entering Gemini and your eleventh house of networking and innovation. Lively Leo, you love to be the center of attention, but it may be time to try working from the sidelines. It’s okay to lead, but sometimes you need to follow — especially when your privilege dictates you put others before yourself and make space for different voices. When the new moon descends on May 25th, you will feel more at ease with teamwork and collaboration. Find a group working on a cause you are passionate about and follow their lead. Or start a project with people who help you see the world from different perspectives. You might find it difficult to resist the spotlight, but this exercise will allow others the opportunity to shine (and you to grow).


The Sun is entering your ambitious, structured tenth house for a month while Saturn’s retrograde in your fourth house has you stuck in domestic mode. What are you struggling with at home that could use your discriminating eye? One suggestion: food waste. American families throw out approximately 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy. Follow the Zero Waste Chef and start reducing waste in your kitchen (the new lunation will give you an extra push for these long-term goals). Up your leftover game with some of these recipes. Your sign’s perfectionism and attention to detail will likely make you quite successful. Your struggle will be containing your judgement for people who don’t even know what zero waste means, or fail to get anywhere near there. Instead of judging, channel your aptitude for practical wisdom and servitude into educating others about waste reduction. Volunteer with Rescuing Leftovers, start a compost pile in your backyard, or begin a YouTube channel to share what you’ve learned with others. Multiply your impact by getting others to join you in your quest.


Your ninth house of adventure is visited by the Sun starting on March 20th, putting life-changing plans in your path. Pluto’s retrograde in your fourth house has you feeling like a radically different lifestyle is in order while Jupiter’s retrograde in your sign encourages personal growth. Like Gemini, you are a dual-faceted character. You strive for balance, but in certain areas, fall short. It may be time to examine your tendency toward superficiality and how it connects to materialism. Our consumerist society never lets up, but there are ways to fight back. Try throwing a swap meet to exchange unwanted items with your friends and neighbors. Learn to mend, a radical act against consumerism, to slow down your acquisition of new clothing. Be mindful of what you buy, as well as why, and take note of your motivation around purchases. The new moon in Gemini on the 25th will pave the way for this growth over the next six months.


Dark planet Pluto is retrograding in your third house of communication, meaning past transgressions may bother you in the present. In addition, the Sun is peeping into your eighth house of intimacy and bonding. A tendency to hold grudges may be keeping you from leveling up in your personal relationships. You might never forget a betrayal, but you may need to forgive to move on. If not, let that relationship go. Your uber long memory functions to keep you safe from harm, lil’ scorpion, but that tough exoskeleton also keeps genuine connections out. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with people who have proven themselves more often than not — their love can also offer you safety. Mindfully cultivating close relationships during the new lunation will help them blossom over the next six months.


Sweet Sagittarius, your optimism plus our sunny friend in your house of one-on-one relationships will likely bring you happy days and encouragement from others. Enjoy this time and soak up those good vibes. However, mishaps may occur as the new moon gives rise to partnerships, both personal and professional, at the same time Pluto is retrograding in your house of work and money. Harmony is currently in your favor, so be sure to work out any lingering quibbles now. Your powerful optimism tends to sideline criticism you receive — be mindful of this behavior and remain open to (constructive) critiques in your relationships so you can ultimately be a better partner. May 25th’s new moon is the best time to start these conversations, which will help you learn to balance optimism and reality over the next half a year.


The Sun is swooping into Gemini and your efficient sixth house, helping you achieve some of your personal health and fitness goals. The new lunation may kick off a positive chapter of wellness which will progress over the next six months as your characteristic quest for perfection keeps you going strong. Your struggle is in the imperfection of these endeavors. Shadowy Pluto’s retrograde will have you re-prioritizing your life and aspirations, and perhaps rethinking your perspective on health. If you don’t feel like getting out of bed, if your body isn’t responding the way you anticipated it would, or if you don’t project the perfection you desperately want, you would benefit from sitting with that feeling of inadequacy. Well-being and perfection are not the same thing, so be kind to yourself! No one is perfect, dear Capricorn, not even you.