Conscious Horoscopes: Earth Day Edition

Earth Day is April 22nd. While we may take a tongue-in-cheek approach to our monthly astrological advice, climate change is very real (and so are our suggestions). As we continue to cover this topic, you might have a lot of questions like, “What is the best garbage bag to use?” or “Will my city be wiped out by sea-level rise sooner rather than later?” It’s tough to say! Climate change is a huge, complex issue, but there’s no better day than Earth Day to tackle your own personal impact.

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The astrological events this month include a parade of retrogrades (below) topped off by a new moon in Taurus on April 26th, the first supermoon of 2017:

  • Jupiter has been in retrograde since February 6th and will continue through June 9th

  • Saturn’s backspin began April 5th and will endure through August 25th

  • Mercury’s retrograde is until May 3rd

  • Pluto begins its U-turn April 20th and continues through September 28th

Retrogrades slow everything down, so use this effect productively by making solid changes that will stick. Reassess your commitments and relationships and beware past transgressions coming back to bite you. Mindfulness is your friend and will help you gain perspective during this celestial slowdown. In addition, anything begun during the new moon will unfold over the next six months — read on for how your sign can start making better choices with respect to the planet, people, and our animal friends now.

Illustrated by  Elizabeth Stilwell

Illustrated by Elizabeth Stilwell


Happy birthday! This month is celestial chaos, but your unwavering ability to prevail in trying times will serve you well, trusty Taurus. Relationships, communications, and plans might be mucked up by the retrogrades of Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto, but April 26th brings a new (super)moon into your house which makes you bullish, to say the least! Leverage this celestial courage to charge into a big change in your health. However, Jupiter is backtracking in your sixth house of well being, so make it massive change on a glacial timeline. Pledge to buy a percentage of your wardrobe secondhand first, or start cutting back on animal products until you’re pwning the plant-based lyfe. Celebrate your birthday in this spirit with a top notch vegan cookbook or a secondhand splurge here or here. This transformation will take hold over the next six months, so have patience and grace with yourself (and your inevitable trip-ups). You got this!


Oh Aquarius, you might feel challenged this month as the new lunation in your fourth house has you sticking close to home. To make matters worse, incorrigible Mercury and Jupiter in retrograde might grind your summer travel plans to a halt. As you wait out the slowdown showdown, size up your usual travel methods and see if they need an overhaul. Take time to make your future plans more eco-friendly with a bit of research. Note conscious hotels, tours, and ways to reduce waste on your trips, and get psyched to travel in a way that better reflects your ethics. If you end up going anyway, keep track of your technology as the backspins of Mercury and Saturn will impact that as well. Depending on the type of journey you are on, bring along a solar charger like this one or a SunPort for charging up. A little bit of caution on your part will go a long way.


As Saturn’s retrograde has you swimming upstream in your career house, slow down and re-evaluate your work. Maybe it is time to move into a career that celebrates your incredible compassion and generosity, like a non-profit or B Corp. You’re always helping others realize their dreams, precious Pisces; it’s time you made yours come true! The new moon in your communal house on the 26th is the best time to start asking around; leads landed during that time could develop over the next six months. All good at your current job? Evaluate the eco-friendliness of your office. Take steps to check off actions like composting and recycling programs (including e-waste), a paperless policy, and replacing disposable items with reusable ones. Doing so can save your business money in addition to earning environmental karma points!


This month’s barrage of retrogrades means everything is tentative for you, Aries. Instead of ramming your ideas through like you usually do, you need to kick back. Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto’s backspins are going to hassle your partnerships, communication, and work life. The exception is the new moon in Taurus on the 26th. This lunation will govern your second house of senses, as well as money, and self-esteem. Take this opportunity to contribute to a cause that marries these realms — a community garden, an environmental organization, or a national park. The benefits of this commitment will blossom over the next six months, so choose something you truly believe in supporting.


Your relationships may be struggling under the power of Jupiter’s retrograde, but thanks to Saturn’s backward spin into your partnership house, commitments you make at this time will stick around for a while. Cold, dark Pluto is churning up fears around control and power that you tried to ignore in the past. Use the new moon in your twelfth house to gather your inner strength and harness that retrograde fear into action! Get thee to Washington D.C. for the People’s Climate March on April 29th or one of the sister marches worldwide. You usually like to move at warp-speed, but this retrograde parade dictates you take things slow this time. Just in case, brush up on your rights as a protester via the ACLU in case there’s too much action.


Try not to let this season throw you for a loop, Cancer. The retrogrades may have you feeling unstable, but try to find your lil crab feet by getting outside. Saturn, ruler of karma, is back spinning through your house of health — if you’ve been slacking on nutrition or exercise, it might come back to bite you now. It’s time to get back into it. Kick off your healthy habits with friends because the new moon on the 26th is in your eleventh house of group activity. Get your posse and join a springtime beach or park clean up. Train for a charity run. Or start investing with other people who care how their money is impacting the world. Remember: well-being is a marathon, not a race, so choose your commitments wisely.


This season, it’d be wise to bring your usual pie-in-the-sky plans down to earth. Retrogrades mean time to evaluate and right past wrongs. Mercury and Pluto’s backspins make you downright mistrustful right now, especially about people and business. Feeling the need to see things with your own eyes, go out in search of local businesses that need and deserve your support. Ask them about the sustainability of their products, where they are produced, and if their workers are paid a living wage. The new lunation on the 26th rules over corporations. Take this opportunity to investigate where you spend your money and if it matches your values. Quit Uber for so many reasons and commit to biking or taking public transit if possible. Visit your farmer’s market instead of a chain grocery store. Have a local tailor fix those clothing items you’ve been meaning to repair. Re-invest your money in your own community and watch your trust in humanity grow.


Saturn’s retrograde in your fourth house has you stuck in domestic mode, dear Virgo. As a clean freak, you won’t mind one bit revamping your routines at home for greater sustainability. Squeaky green homemade cleaning products play well with your affinity for purity. Extra points if you take up composting for your backyard or municipal program. Save money and resources by getting a home energy audit and signing up for Clean Choice Energy. The new moon in your expansive ninth house will help your grandest ambitions come alive — use this power over the next six months to make changes that will revolutionize your domestic domain.


Pluto’s retrograde in your fourth house has you feeling like a radically different lifestyle is in order while Jupiter’s retrograde in your sign encourages personal growth. A simple change to make regards the clothing you wear. April 24th-30th is Fashion Revolution Week and people worldwide will be asking brands, #whomademyclothes? Slow down for slow fashion and take time to learn about the labor and environmental issues in the conventional fashion industry. Seek out brands that are transparent in their use of materials and resources, how they pay their employees, and how (or if) they use animals. These changes take time and that’s ok, lovely Libra. Btw, the new moon on the 26th highlights your long-term finances. Making the switch to ethical fashion can be both cheaper (secondhand) and more expensive (some ethical and sustainable brands). Keep cost per wear in mind whenever you pick up a new piece — 30 wears is the magic number.


This month is all about evaluating your past, present, and future health, dear Scorpio. You’ve never met a taboo you couldn’t tame, so with Mercury in your administrative house and Jupiter in your house ruling the afterlife, it’s appropriate to think about the eco-friendliness of your, erm, end. Traditional burials are resource and chemical heavy, and we know you don’t want that. While difficult topics are written in the stars, you might as well look into the eco options. Maybe you want to become a tree after death. Or a patch of mushrooms! Dark planet Pluto is in your third house of communication making it a good time for introspection and spiritual healing as well. Be sure to make your wishes clear and known to your family as the universe guides your (final) decisions.


You might be feeling a major spring detox coming on with Mercury backtracking in your sixth house of health and efficiency. Start your overhaul with the products that come into direct contact with your skin: beauty and self-care. Learn about the many iterations of palm oil hiding in ingredients here. With Pluto retrograding in your house of work and money, you may also be looking for a better way to spend your hard earned scratch, sassy Sagittarius. Start buying from these vegan and POF brands or consider becoming a Selva Beat patron. Your support can help the movement progress and become a contender in the mainstream market. The best time to start these changes is the 26th, when a new lunation comes into Taurus. Novel routines will gather strength and become happy habits over the next six months.


Dear Capricorn, some of your ever-careful planning might be undone this season. Both work and home may feel uneasy thanks to Jupiter and Mercury’s retrogrades. Shadowy Pluto will have you re-prioritizing your life and aspirations as it backspins through space. The slowdown of Saturn will help you heal, so take this time to recover your footing in the world — exercise, eat healthy, and get your rest. It’s not all dark news though! The 26th ushers the new moon into your fifth house, bringing out your playful side. The 22nd is Earth Day, but you can host an environment themed party anytime! Watch old episodes of Captain Planet, nosh vegan snacks, and make a plan to get together for climate-focused actions every month.