Conscious Horoscopes: Resolutions Edition

In the season of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, you may feel ridiculously ambitious and driven to higher standards. This is pretty good news during the time of year we traditionally make resolutions — except for the ridiculous part. Not all of the zodiac signs can maintain the perfection of Caps, so try to keep your intentions for the new year reasonable (there’s no shame being realistic *cough cough* Pisces). In fact, there’s no shame in resolving to not even make resolutions; if the pressure to live better, buy better, be better is anxiety-inducing, take a break and give yourself time to regroup. Anyway, Saturn will be residing in Capricorn until 2020. With “the great teacher” planet in the mix, any changes you make should be long-term and sustainable — if you try to take sloppy shortcuts (*cough cough* Aries), Saturn will slap you down until you do it right. The ringed planet will help us all evolve over the next three years and to take more responsibility for our actions. This season, time is on our side, yes it is.

Look no further than the SB archives for ways to be a more thoughtful consumer and more effective environmentalist, even when you have few resources or little time. Whether you want to move to a more plant-based diet, conscious closet, or palm-free products, we’re here to help! These are our own researched and tried and true paths of growth (which is all resolutions are, babes). Take your time and baby step your way to your best life. Read on for the most fitting resolutions for your sign.

Astrological events of the month include:

Illustrated by  Elizabeth Stilwell .

Illustrated by Elizabeth Stilwell.

  • On December 19th, the Saturn moves into Capricorn until 2020

  • On December 21st, the Sun and Saturn meet up in Capricorn


Happy birthday, Capricorn! Your ruling planet is in your sign for the first time since 1991! Over the next three years, you will feel the weight of this tough love planet as you mature and lay your foundation for the future. Heavy stuff...but first, we celebrate you and toast to your good health with a glass of festive vegan eggnog! With the Sun and Saturn both in your first house of appearances, you might want to treat yourself to these SB approved beauty products as both birthday and holiday parties roll around. For New Year’s Eve, the moon will be in Gemini and your sixth house of health. You might want to gift yourself a gym membership, massage, or appointment for something you’ve been meaning to get checked out. Over the next three years under Saturn, you’ll experience unprecedented personal growth, so set your intentions for the coming year accordingly. Do what you need to do to feel your best because by New Year’s Eve, the Sun, Saturn, Venus, and Pluto will all be in your sign, creating an undeniable magnetism about you. Soak up that spotlight, Cap, and celebrate a healthy new you in the new year!


On December 19th, Saturn moves into Capricorn and lights up your twelfth house of healing, closure, and subconscious. Over the next three years, your growth will come from looking inward and processing past hurt and regret. Slow down and sit with that discomfort and confront the unhealthy ways you may have been escaping (social media, addiction, Netflix bingeing). The twelfth house also rules holistic health, so you may consider healing with the support of a community. The Sun also moves into Capricorn on December 21st, so your end-of-year rituals should focus on what you want to let go of. Get lots of rest and take care of yourself in preparation, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit out the celebration, affable Aquarius! The moon is in Gemini and your house of glamour for New Year’s Eve. The best way for you to kick off the new year may be to mentally gather your emotional baggage, dump it all out on the dance floor, leave it there, and start 2018 fresh!


As Saturn moves into your eleventh house of teamwork, technology, and society until 2020, you can look forward to strong connections and the ambition to champion a cause you’re passionate about. Consider bringing your characteristic rosy outlook into reality with the help of technology. These apps are worth your data space and will help you live your best life in the new year. As the Sun also moves into Capricorn on December 21st, there will be a lot of power in your teamwork zone. Share your favorite apps with your friends or show off some of these solar powered gadgets on your desk at work. Speaking of work, the moon is in Gemini and your house of career and long-term goals for NYE. It’s time to appraise your work situation and make plans for the next three years under Saturn. How can a team (inside or out of work) help you achieve your goals? Consider finding a mentor or using technology to streamline your processes. Or now might be the time to find a new position that better aligns with your goals. The universe has your back, Pisces, and so do we!


Your tenth house of success is activated as Saturn moves into Capricorn for the next three years. Watch out because Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and Capricorn is the ruler of the tenth house — during this cosmic redundancy, your patented Aries shortcuts will be no match for “the great teacher” Saturn. You’re going to have to go by the book this time, rams. For example, say you resolve to be a better environmental steward in 2018. You’d want to get educated so you can make lasting lifestyle changes. You might read up on topics like deforestation and climate change or fashion and rainforests. Then you could make decisions on what you can reasonably do about your lifestyle. You might shop more secondhand, or cut out as much palm oil as you can. Whatever changes you make in your life, view them as a marathon, not a sprint (Saturn’s MO is slow and steady). The moon and Venus are also urging you to make long-term plans for the coming year. If you don’t think you can go it alone, enlist the help of friends, a mentor, or a life coach. Your success is written in the stars — all you need is a plan and a little patience to make it happen!


Finances may have been a struggle with Saturn in Sagittarius for the past three years. But no more! Until 2020, Saturn will be in Capricorn in your ninth house of expansion, travel, and entrepreneurship. You might set off on an entrepreneurial journey, or actual, physical travel. Either way, this is a time of growth for you, Taurus. Consider upping your travel game by getting into zero waste options. Start with a lil baby switch like changing to one of these toothbrushes for better teeth and environmental impact. Slow growth is exactly what the universe prescribes right now — one change will lead to another and after three years under Saturn’s mature energy, you’ll be an expert! Roll out your intentions for 2018 after December 21st when the Sun enters Capricorn, which will imbue your plans with a sense of optimism and ambition for the coming year.


Prepare to do a lot of growing as Saturn slides into Capricorn and your eighth house of bonding and intimacy. This could be difficult for you, Gemini, as the themes of spirituality, sexuality, and commitment recur over the next three years under the ringed planet. However, these foundations are important for you, so take the time to strengthen them and you will reap the reward of more powerful relationships and self-confidence. The good news is it’s a great space for healing and Saturn will gift you the time to adapt to life changes. Prioritize the time you need to recharge: cut down on social media time, start seeing a therapist, or plan a relaxing getaway for 2018. On December 21st, the Sun also slips into Capricorn, and by New Year’s Eve will be joined by Venus and Pluto. The eighth house rules sex and intimacy, so you might be in for a sensual celebration. Or you might channel that passion into a night of service — a volunteer position or a charity event could fit the bill. As you set your intentions for 2018, keep these themes of growth in mind and up the ante on success by enlisting your close friends to help you achieve them.


After three years in Sagittarius, Saturn is regrouping under Capricorn and your seventh house of committed relationships for the next three years. The rule of the ringed planet is: fix the foundation before you build on it. Relationships will be put to the test during this time, but the ones that make the cut will be rock-solid. With the people you’re already committed to, you’ll enjoy new levels of security with as the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto congregate in Capricorn for a chummy NYE. Invite your best pals over for an intimate gathering to bond as you reminisce and ring in the new year. Or if there’s one special someone, plan an intimate date for two. Treat yourself to some sexy, but consciously-made lingerie and celebrate the start of 2018 with a bang.


Saturn is working out your sixth house of health and wellness for the next three years. You might get some unsettling health news, or you could harness Capricorn’s ambitious power to make changes that will help improve your wellbeing. You could take up an exercise routine or adhere to a better sleep schedule. Or try giving up processed foods or palm oil for a week, maybe even a month. See what works and what you can stick with since Saturn dictates long-term, sustainable changes. By New Year’s Eve, the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are all in Capricorn, powering up your health-conscious mindset. Choose resolutions for 2018 that center your health — mental and physical — that can be accomplished over the next year and longer. Verbalizing your intentions can make them more powerful; with the moon in your group zone for NYE, consider having friends over for some healthy snacks, games, and resolution rituals.


Bid adieu to Saturn as the ringed planet leaves Sagittarius and swings into Capricorn and your fifth house of romance and creativity. It’s all glamour and passion as the Sun, Venus, Pluto and Saturn pile into Capricorn for New Year’s Eve. Party hard, Virgo, as Mars and Jupiter help out in your social third house, too. Before you dance away the bleakness of 2017, set intentions for the new year that focus on your creative talents. This might be the year that you make a go of a creative career, or strike out in your own as a freelancer. Or you might take your skills to new heights with classes or a mentorship to help you grow. You can be sure that structured Saturn will keep you in check as you slowly and steadily expand as a creative over the next three years. With your resolutions safely squared away before December 31st, feel free to pop some bubbly and tell 2017 to GTFO.


Libras, get ready to bring it home with Saturn in your domestic zone until December 2020. Is there something about your home life that's holding you back? Saturn demands you get it in order. Too much clutter? Sort it out and sell off what you don’t need for some cash in the new year. Want to work towards a more environmentally-friendly domicile? Check out these guides to palm-free soap, toothpaste, and shampoo. Need a whole new place to launch the new and improved you? Now is the time to start looking. The Sun snuggles up with Saturn in Capricorn on December 21st, and by New Year’s Eve, Venus and Pluto will join them. Ring in 2018 with a cozy gathering of friends at your place. Serve up some vegan comfort foods, make a toast to good health, and bond over your intentions for the future.


Thank Saturn in your house of work and money for any financial woes over the past three years. “The great teacher,” Saturn, has been taking you to task, but hopefully you’ve grown more resourceful over this time. Now that Saturn is moving into Capricorn and your third house of communication, your wallet will get a much-needed rest. Stay on your toes though, scorpion, and watch who you sting — speaking harshly or out of anger during this time could alienate people. View your resolutions for the new year through the lens of communication. What are your intentions at work, with your friends, with your partner? Meditate on them and write them down so when you need to clarify yourself you can refer back. Don’t let those intentions escape you because Saturn will make you learn these communication lessons over and over until you finally get them. Consider crafting a little reminder sign for your desk or mirror. On December 21st, the Sun moves into Capricorn and by NYE Venus and Pluto will join the cosmic house party, too. Your social cup overfloweth at this time — enjoy all the parties full of friends, neighbors, workmates, and family as you ring in 2018 with your colorful community.


Ringed planet Saturn has been throwing up challenges over the past three years — especially on the interpersonal front. On December 19th, the taskmaster moves into Capricorn and your second house of work, money, and self-esteem. Now you will reshape your relationship with money over the next three years until Saturn leaves this part of the charts. Money could get tighter, or you might just rethink what you spend it on. Saturn’s mature vibes can help you become a smarter spender, even as you enjoy material pleasures in moderation. Think longer term when you follow trends or add to your sweet sneaker collection. Invest in items that maximize use and flair! Or splurge on fewer delicious, healthy meals rather than weeks of fast food fixes. The second house also rules values and will help you clarify what you stand for and what you value (morally and financially). Keep this in mind as you set your intentions for the coming year and beyond.