A Conscious Guide to Berlin, Germany

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Even after enduring two world wars and thirty years of division, Berlin has managed to emerge as one of the most progressive cities in Europe. Modern architecture sits right next to ancient buildings; the city hosts a thriving international underground art and music scene; and this place can truly be a paradise for the conscious traveler who strives for an eco-conscious lifestyle.




Sonntagstrasse 29
Berlin, 10245

If sustainable and organic is not enough for you, Loveco is your place to go. Everything that they sell is 100% vegan. Great design meets environmental lifestyle. Here you can find anything from stylish sunglasses to cute dresses and dreamy smelling soy candles.


Club der Visionäre

Am Flutgraben 2
Berlin, 12435

Berlin is known to be Europe’s techno heaven. But besides that the locations are what makes the nights out so special. A club in a tree house, a club in an old bathroom, a club literally underground. Club der Visionäre (Club of the visionaries) is only one of them but especially fun in summer. Who doesn't want to chill on a motorboat or float while dancing and drinking beer? Come here on

Sundays for their most famous afternoon parties.

 The Juicery

Eberswalder Str. 2 
Berlin, 10437

This shop makes such pretty smoothies you might be too sad to drink them. Even as an #instafood hater, they will make you take a picture. Trust us. And most importantly — their unexpected flavors are so delicious that you will want to drink them all day.



Boddinstraße 57A
Berlin, 12053

Berlin is Berlin. And it is very hard to find a non-smoking bar here. Luckily there’s Twinpigs — one of the rare exceptions. Here you can enjoy great craft beer or gin and tonics without coming home smelling like an ashtray.


Weinbergsweg 3
Berlin, 10119

If you are on the hunt for an unique souvenir, want to look around galleries or have a walk alongside parts of the Berlin wall, go to Mitte. This city hotspot offers something for everybody to do. And when you are tired from walking around, pop into Daluma for a healthy snack, breakfast, or lunch. Whether you want a yummy smoothie, salad, or beautiful acai bowl, this place is your ish. Take a seat on the window benches or outside on the wooden stairs, and do some people watching (you will spot many quirky outfits).

pour over.png

The Visit

Multiple locations.

Over the past two years, Berlin has reached peak coffee culture. Shops have turned into laboratories — no joke. From roasting to filtering to making your own distilled water — Berliners are very serious about their cup of coffee. Even the average coffee drinker in Berlin can differentiate between Ethiopian and Guatemalan coffees just by their smells. The Visit is only one of many crazy coffeelabs in the city. But what sets this place apart are the very yummy vegan snacks on their menu.


Brammibal’s Donuts

Maybachufer 8
Berlin, 12047

Chocolate toasted coconut, blueberry pistachio, salted caramel or pumpkin cream cheese — Brammibal’s has the yummiest and prettiest donuts in Berlin. The best thing? They are all vegan. Come here on Tuesdays, Fridays or Saturdays for a post-donut walk along the riverside to the Turkish market.

cocktail 2.png


Dresdener Str. 122
Berlin, 10999

Würgeengel (El angel exterminador) is a bar for passionate time travelers. Only a few bartenders still manage to make real old-fashioned cocktails, and Würgeengel's mixologists are definitely part of that rare group. The drinks — from the dirty martini to the stirred Lagavulin — are strong but good.


The Bowl

Warschauer Str. 33
Berlin, 10243

Over the years, Berlin has risen to vegan food paradise. Not only can you find a large number of vegan or raw restaurants and cafés in every district, but they also have an entire vegan center. It has Berlin’s biggest only vegan supermarket called “veganz.” Here you can get snacks for on the go without having to check the ingredient list a hundred times over. Upstairs you will find Berlin’s most famous vegan/raw restaurant, The Bowl, with a beautiful view over the Spree.

Gallery Weekend

Berlin is one of the most artistic cities in Europe, hosting numerous art shows every day. However, one of the best shows is the gallery weekend. Once a year you can visit every gallery in Berlin for free. It’s not only a good way to look at works by the best upcoming artists from all over the world but also to see the whole city while walking from gallery to gallery.


Hotel Oderberger

Oderberger Str. 57
Berlin, 10435

Berlin cannot offer you an ocean, but it can still offer you some very special places to swim. Apart from its gorgeous lakes, there are some really awesome indoor swimming pools that will surely take your breath away. At Hotel Oderberger, turn around and swim on your back to enjoy the unique view of the gothic ceiling.