Surprise: You Can Now Join the Selva Scouts!

For almost four years, we’ve been giving environmentalism a much-needed rebrand. 

If you’re more glam than granola, we’ve had you covered. If you’re a person of color, underrepresented in the eco-friendly forum, we’ve had your back. And you’ve had ours. We absolutely love our readership, and that’s why we’ve decided to start the Selva Scouts. Together, we’re going to radicalize the magazine industry.

Since our first print issue in 2016, we’ve amassed an amazing team of 7+ creative women who care deeply about bettering the planet through creative means. On the web, we publish 6-8 stories, articles, and features a month. Now, we’re working on our fifth and sixth print issues, and we’ve reached an impasse.

We could be a little looser on our environmental standards. We could be a little more safe with our fashion choices.

Instead, we’re gonna stay true to ourselves, change up the game and, starting in 2019, produce 5 smaller issues a year. The consistency will help us better connect with our readership and gain the attention of advertisers we desperately need. And we’re ready to share our journey with you every step of the way.

By joining the Selva Scouts, you’ll help us achieve this goal.

What are the Selva Scouts?

Vegan s’mores, merit badges, velvet sashes, and berets; what do these things have in common? No, this isn’t the set list for a millennial reboot of Troop Beverly Hills. It’s the Selva Scouts — the world’s first and only eco-conscious scout program for the digital age.

Like everything we do, this project will be educational, community-driven, and of course, maximalist as hell ;) For a year, we’ve struggled to find a succinct way to both host a community and fund this venture. Originally, we looked into e-mail courses but there was no way for you to engage amongst yourselves and we wanted you to feel empowered, not spammed. 

Now, I'm excited to say that we’ve finally found the perfect host for this unique project: Patreon! Through this platform, we’ll be able to speak directly to scout troops, release monthly merit badges, hold IRL day camps and classes, and share the down-to-earth behind-the-scenes content you all have been requesting.

And yes, there will be patches ;) So, what are you waiting for? Find your troop below! 

Photo by head photographer Mika Locklear, featuring creative assistant Vicky Jameson and fashion editor Meggie Copeland.