The Best Things We Thrifted This Month


I once had an outfit that I wore to three weddings within one year. It was my wedding uniform — a sheer floral top and a light pink accordion pleat skirt — and I loved it. Formal events, even formal-ish ones like weddings or holiday parties, often cause me a great deal of mental anguish. Partly it's the small talk but it's also the pressure of coming up with a jazzy ensemble for each event. Having a go-to get-up (like my wedding outfit, RIP) can help relieve some of the anxiety I feel around this time of year.

Thrifting such an ensemble requires starting early, and that's what some of the SB team has done this month. A few of us are now set for the holiday season while others picked up foundational pieces for winter. Behold, our haul.

Image from iOS (29).jpg

Magdalena, Editor in Chief

Buffalo Exchange
2904 Guadalupe St, 

Austin, TX 78705

I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’ve had the best luck thrifting recently! If you’re twisting my arm, I might say the best thing I found this month were these black velvet Nine West booties at Buffalo Exchange. This slender ’70s silhouette has been on my wishlist for two fall/winter seasons, and I’m so glad I held out. Here, I’m wearing them with a gifted plaid jacket from vintage shop (and dear friend) The Peahen Marketplace, green turtleneck (Texas Thrift) and my most-prized silver accordion pleat skirt (Buffalo Exchange). I accessorized with a black tortoiseshell clutch from Savers and celestial earrings from this post.

Image from iOS (27).jpg

Meggie, Fashion Editor

Mutual Feelings
1811 Rosewood Ave,
Austin, TX 78702

This month I have been tirelessly looking for the right pullover to wear around the streets of Austin all winter. Magdalena and I recently spent a Saturday running around town in hopes of scoring some great vintage. As the day approached its end, I had almost given up on finding anything that suited me. At our last stop, a great shop here in town called Mutual Feelings, I snagged this gem with inspiration from one of the shop owners, Julia Dixon. She has this oversized, vintage wardrobe that literally makes me want to cry happy tears. And no, this bulky turtleneck piece isn’t the pullover I’d been dreaming of, but its versatility as both a shirt and a dress is honestly better. Whether it’s a part of an ensemble or the main course for my outfit recipe, this cozy thing is going to be my go-to for quite a while.

Image from iOS.jpg

Victoria, Creative Assistant

Uptown Cheapskate
11255 Huebner Rd #205
San Antonio, TX 78230

I have a confession to make... I haven’t had time to go thrifting this month. Things at school have really started to pick up and let's just say it’s down to the wire now. But I do have a piece I thrifted a little bit ago at Uptown Cheapskate that I’m wearing a lot right now. This season, I’ve really been getting into bolder colors. If you know me, I’m definitely more of a muted tones kind of a gal, but this magenta purple top has quickly become a fan favorite in my closet. It’s a quick and fun way for me to add color to my everyday look. Though it’s sheer and the material isn’t the best, I still love it for its pattern and shape and, as I said before, the color! It’s becoming harder to wear during the colder days, but I still find a way. ;)


Brianna, Print Editor

Urban Jungle
118 Knickerbocker Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Since moving from Austin to NYC, and with the weather seriously cooling down on the East Coast, the most obvious place where my wardrobe needs some love is in the Winter Looks department (it's downright impossible to survive a Northeast winter on Texas-approved denim jackets alone). Luckily, this faux fur beauty caught my eye while thrifting recently with Elizabeth at Urban Jungle in Bushwick, and for $18 (plus a $15 dry clean to get rid of that vintage smell...) it's basically a steal! The cute, peachy buttons it came with really take this coat to the next level for me.

Image from iOS (28).jpg

Elizabeth, Web Editor


Confession time: I had planned to share a piece I got thrifting at Urban Jungle with Brianna. It's a beaded little number that I was eager to wear to holiday shindigs, but I haven't quite figured out how to make it work yet. Following my trek to Brooklyn, I became concerned over my lack of dressy attire for some upcoming parties and panic-bought a bunch of secondhand items on ThredUp — not my finest hour. (My choices have turned out overwhelmingly good, but still, this is not my preferred mental state when shopping online.) My favorite in the bunch is this sheer black top with ruffled cuffs. I paired it with some sheer pants I got thrifting with Magdalena in Florida, glasses from American Deadstock, and vintage tassel earrings gifted to me by my friend, Christina. Now I'm ready to partay.

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