4 Beauty Buffs on What They Would Buy at Credo

A beauty blogger, a makeup artist, tech worker who models, and an editor-in-chief walk into Credo Beauty. This isn’t the beginning of a joke — instead it’s the nexus of the collective wisdom of some of our favorite beauty buffs on what to buy and why. It can be overwhelming to sort through ingredients, reviews, and hype to figure out the best beauty products to spend your hard-earned cash on — not to mention finding vegan, palm oil and cruelty free options. A great place to start is mission-driven company Credo, a one-stop shop for clean beauty. All of their products abide by their dirty ingredients list and are devoid of known harmful additives or animal byproducts or those that test on animals. For this piece, we pulled from a list curated by us as some of their products do contain beeswax or lanolin, and palm oil or derivatives.

After we gathered all the items that met our environmental concerns, we then tapped into this bunch for their recommendations. They were invited to forget about cost and other annoying obstacles to their clean beauty dreams and to shop for whatever their heart (and skin) desired. Each of them selected four items from the list that they would buy if money was no object. Read on for their picks and why each one made the cut for them.

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Tricia Savino

Tricia is a Singaporean based in New York. She is the writer and editor behind Ni Hao New York, a blog about conscious beauty and living.

1. LILFOX Amazon After Dark Melty Jungle Jungle Cleansing Balm

I've loved the few products I've tried from Lil Fox, and this sumptuous cleansing balm is going straight on my wish list! It sounds like it'd fit right into my skincare routine during the harsh winters in New York, and I love that it has a balm-to-milk consistency that washes off without requiring a face cloth!

2. Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30

You should always wear sun protection no matter the season, and Josh Rosebrook's Nutrient Day Cream is the creme de la creme of sunscreens! This product is lightweight but luxurious and doesn't leave a telltale white cast on your face, and it works beautifully as a day cream and primer for your makeup. 

3. Juice Beauty Perfecting Concealer

This concealer does a great job covering up dark circles and other imperfections and I can skip a full face of foundation when I want to be out the door in under 5 minutes. If your skin is on the drier side, I recommend you use a Serum/face oil before applying this so it doesn't crease!

4. Lina Hanson Global Face Serum

I love Lina Hanson and everything she stands for, and her skincare line is formulated for all ages, ethnicities, colors and skin types. The formula is a rich blend of organic and natural oils like marula and baobab oil from South Africa and camellia seed oil from Japan and will hydrate and nourish your skin while imparting a dewy glow on your complexion!

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Blair Stokes

Blair is a model (for us, too!) and works in tech in Austin, Texas. You might also find her eating tofu under a palm tree somewhere in South Florida or writing an unauthorized sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954).

1. Lily Lolo Pressed Powder Blush in Just Peachy

I have a medium/tan skin tone, so any blush I use needs to be highly pigmented so it pops on my cheeks. I like the matte options because that gives me the precision to better choose which parts of my face I want to glimmer with strategic highlights on my nose and cheekbones instead of an all-over glitter.

2. One Love Organics The Cleansing Sponge: Bamboo Charcoal Heart

Okay, this sponge is super cute! It’d be a fun product to add to my skincare regimen, and it’s something that won’t interfere with my current, dermatologist recommended routine to clear up my acne. It’ll give me a reason to remember to exfoliate regularly.

3. Lily Lolo Foundation in Cinnamon

As a black woman with both melanin in my skin and acne, I get hyper-pigmentation scars fairly frequently. I look for foundations that can blur my trouble spots and provide thicker coverage, which usually means liquid foundations. But I know the products I’m currently using aren’t as clean or conscious as they could be. I’m curious to see how a powder foundation would interact with my hyper-pigmentation. However, the shades posted here don’t look like they go much darker than my skin tone, which excludes people a wide range of black and brown women, many of whom are interested in clean, ethical makeup. I’d like to try this product to see how well I could color match, and I’d especially like to see brands like this provide a more inclusive range of shades for more women of color.

4. Axiology Lip Crayon in Valor

Bold lips are always a constant in my makeup routine. I typically look for matte finishes in bright colors that compliment my skin tone, and the four colors here look like they’d flatter darker skin tones. The shade “Valor” looks especially beautiful. And it helps that the pricing is pretty comparable to a lip stain I’d normally buy at Sephora.

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Cherie Fletcher

Cherie is a beauty love extraordinaire! She is an esthetician, makeup artist, eyebrow specialist with the Elke Von Fruedenberg Salon in NYC, and owner of FRAME Beauty Haus.

1. Kahina™ Giving Beauty Moroccan Rose Water

It's perfect to keep in your purse for that midday touch up. Use as a hydrator on bare face, with skincare, and before or after makeup. Great for all skin types!

2. LILFOX Maracuja & Rose Face Nectar

This beautifully composed oil helps to balance the skin while providing hydration. It's also a perfect before foundation. Use a few drops and a clean foundation brush to apply.

3. Lina Hanson Global Face Trio

The foundation to beautiful skin starts with a great cleanser. This happens to be a cleanser, mask and scrub. Points for customization!

4. Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Serum

This is a powerful night time treatment to help skin bounce back, fight aging and free radical damage. Add to your regimen after toner before moisturizer.

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Magdalena Antuña

After years of being a conflicted primatologist who consumed products that directly endangered primates, Magdalena set out to rid her life of conflict palm-oil, a lifestyle change that soon evolved into Selva Beat Magazine.

1. Lily Lolo Sweet Nothings Eye Palette

I swatched this baby in Credo's NYC store when I visited last fall. It's one of their two newest palettes and it's way more pigmented than earlier releases, likely because it's not pressed* so tightly. It sort of reminds me of Too Faced's Matte Chocolate Chip palette and I'm tempted to get it for one shade alone: Macaron, a sparkly lilac shimmer.

Tip: Color payoff is greatly affected by how the shadow is pressed in the pan — this is why pure pigments are often more rich. If a pan is hard-pressed, you’ll need to prime and pack the product on considerably. You might even have to use your finger. On the up side, you will have hardly any fallout. If a pan is loosely pressed, you’ll get excellent pigment but you’ll want to put a fair amount of loose powder under your eye to catch the fallout.

2. Skin Owl Body + Trio

This trio makes me think of major glow junkies like J.Lo, or YouTuber Desi Perkins. The most exciting bit, for me, is the Amethyst oil, which seems like it the perfect illuminator for my olive-toned (and often sallow) skin. Finally, a dupe for Stila's One Step Correct primer?!

3. Gressa Eye Tint in Envie

I've been fawning over these for ages but haven't given them a shot yet. The chartreuse color is calling my name though. It seems like the perfect (not so casual) pairing for this year's ultraviolet.

4. Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil

Apart from this being major vanity candy, the ingredient list is a big selling point. The Blue Tansy (which gives it that killer cyan hue) is anti-inflammatory and the carrier oils aren't super heavy, meaning you can use this in the AM to depuff, without worry that your makeup will slide off of your face by lunchtime.