6 Eco-Friendly Period Products for Trans Men

For trans men, the “feminine hygiene” aisle at the grocery store can be a minefield. The majority of options, like tampons, can cause some serious dysphoria. Even pads with wings, which aren’t compatible with most boxers or briefs, may be a total let down. Furthermore, almost all products are marketed towards cisgendered women, decorated with stereotypical motifs and colors. Add consideration for environmental impact and you’ve got yourself a tall order.

The following are our top eco-conscious picks, all of which take the experience of trans men into consideration:

Wingless Pads

Although these will not work with boxers, reusable wingless pads are a good option for any briefs and other fitted undergarments. You can make a search on Etsy or purchase them from GladRags and Lunapads. Cloth pads can be secured with small safety pins — on the underside, to prevent injury — and have the added benefit of silence, unlike traditional throwaway pads which are super noisy.

THINX Boyshorts

These black boyshorts hold up to 10 mL worth of blood, but you might want to have a wingless pad insert on hand, just in case. THINX undies are manufactured in Sri Lanka and are available in a size range of XXS to 3XL. This product makes our list because it is reusable but loses points for the company’s past controversies.

Luna Pad Boxer Briefs with Inserts

These black and gray boxer briefs have a lined, inner panel “with leak-proof absorbency that extends all the way to the back waistband.” Enhance the absorbency of your briefs with these organic inserts and change them throughout the day for maximum comfort. Sizes are available in a range of XS to 3XL. This option makes the cut because it is reusable and made in Canada.

TomboyX Iconic Briefs with Pads

This brand boasts the widest range of styles available, from trunks to boyshorts to briefs. They even offer briefs with a 6” button fly — perfect for facilitating the (comfortable) usage of STP products. If you're looking for a style that works with traditional pads, choose the Iconic Briefs. Sizes range from XS to 4X. Finally, TomboyX also actively works with “facilities that maintain fair wages and safe environments for employees,” though we were unable to glean where their products are manufactured on the website.

Future & Abroad

Pyramid Seven is a Chicago-based gender neutral underwear company made specifically for menstruating bodies. They caught our eye because they’re handmade, hand-dyed, and produced from organic cotton. However, due to popular demand, they’re all sold out! We hope that they’ll be able to replenish their stock ASAP. You can follow them on Instagram for updates here.

Artillery Box is an IndieGogo project that hopes to create an elegant and discreet menstrual product delivery service for Australian trans men. It hasn’t received a lot of support, so donate or share with your friends here. We’re unsure of the environmental impact of the products inside but recognize that the service itself could be life-changing. Finally, Mcalc is a Spanish IndieGogo project that aims to bring a gender neutral menstruation calculator to the public. They’re halfway to their goal, help them reach the finish line here.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of these eco-friendly and gender neutral options require a lot of financial investment. However, it is good to know that there are companies out there taking the trans experience into consideration when designing their products.

Do you have any eco-friendly recommendations of your own? Share them with the community below!