Palm-Oil Egg Hunt: Day 5

Welcome to our fifth palm-oil egg hunt of the week. If you're unfamiliar with the premise of this game/exercise, here is the gist: 

Before you hunt for Easter eggs this upcoming Sunday, test your skills by looking for ingredients that are commonly derived from conflict palm-oil. We thought it would be fun to make a game out of what is truly the most annoying part of being palm-oil free: checking the ingredients list. The better we understand the more complex palm-oil derivatives that are out there, the more we are in control of our own environmental impact.  Each day this week, we'll post five or so eggs that you can look for in your home or in a grocery store:

Today we have six eggs for you to look for! It's our final game of the week -- let's do this!

Elaeis guineensis: The scientific name for palm-oil in its most basic form. No hint this time, it can be in literally anything! 

Myristic acid: A common saturated fatty acid that can be found in nutmeg, as well as, derived from coconut oil. It is an 'opacifying agent' meaning that it offers products better coverage. Hint: Concealer

Glyceryl myristate: A monoester of glycerin and the egg above, myristic acid. It conditions skin and can act as an emollient, softening surface texture, as well. Hint: Lotions & creams

Octyl stearate: A stearate ester that can either be an oily liquid or a waxy solid. May also go by ethylhexyl stearate. Hint: Foundation

Octyl palmitate: A fatty acid ester derived from palmitic acid. Often used as an 'organic replacement' for silicone because it has a similar texture and slip. Hint: Shadow primer

Emulsifiers: A common term found on ingredients labels that encapsulates a wide variety of building block substances like palm-oil. This is a wild card!

If you ever want to start from the beginning or maybe find an easier bundle of eggs to hunt, then check out the summary page of all the ingredients we've covered so far, here. Be sure to check the #PalmOilEggHunt hashtag on social media, as well, to see what's been found all week!