Let's Talk Palm-Oil Free Sunscreen

Updated on April 1, 2017 - One more update coming soon!

It would seem that sunscreen is in everything these days. You can expect it in moisturizer, pressed powder, foundation, chapstick - even after shave balm. However, once you wander into the realm of palm-oil free, you don’t see the term SPF very often. If you look at popular sunscreen brands like Banana Boat or Coppertone, you’ll see that the main problem with sunscreen is never its sun protection factor. The ingredients to scrutinze are retinyl palmitate, ethylhexyl palmitate, and the the like. After all, sunscreen is basically just lotion with some defense agent attached—an active ingredient—that will effectively reflect harmful rays. 

Let's Talk Palm-Oil Free Sunscreen | Selva Beat

Still, try finding a palm-oil free sunscreen at your local drugstore. You just can't do it. Not in the United States, at least. Conflict free brands haven't gotten the memo either. Where's all the ecofriendly sunscreen, people? As a result, my advice has to be to never stop using something as essential as sun protection, even if it has conflict palm-oil. The ramifications of not guarding your skin from the sun are just too grave to ignore. This should light a fire under you as a consumer. It's just unfair that an item you can't go without should contain ingredients that cause so much harm to the environment, as well as, local wildlife. 

So, what do you do? Well, you can certainly invest in the four options we're providing below. However, these may not cover you the way you need them to and if this is the case, I suggest still purchasing mainstream, vegan sunscreen while also putting immense pressure on these companies to use traceable, sustainable palm-oil or really, none at all, because they can.

☀️  Raw Elements • $15.99+ | This full-body sunscreen is non-GMO verified, leaping bunny certified, and has UVA-UVB true broad sunscreen protection. It comes in a standard tube, plastic-free tin, or stick, and is also reef-safe & water-resistant. The only real downside is that their formula is not vegan, which is disappointing. Otherwise, the ingredients list is very impressive. We also verified that the natural tocopherol is derived from sunflower oil - A+! Contains beeswax.

EIR NYC • $24+ |  This brand has a few different options for full-body sun coverage. First, their vegan body oil—which should be applied 15min before sun exposure for up to SPF 15 in coverage. Secondly, their water-resistant pro stick is a good choice, though it does contain beeswax, because it offers up to SPF 50 in coverage. Finally, you can also carry a 2oz tin (also contains beeswax) wherever you go, for a quick swipe of water-resistant SPF 30 coverage. 

☀️ Badger • $15.99+ | This mainstream brand offers palm-oil free sunscreen (the ActiveSports, and Kids lines) that is simplistic but mighty. These full-body and facial creams offer UVA/UVB proection and are cruelty-free, water resistant, and biodegradable. The glycerin in their Daily Sunscreen line is derived from soy but note that we are still verifying other ingredients. Contains beeswax.

Homemade Sunscreen • Cost of Materials | If all else fails, you can certainly take a stab at making you're own palm-oil free sunscreen, which according to Frugal Green Girl, costs about $2 a batch, excluding start up costs of course. This could be a great summer craft activity but do be mindful that this route will not offer sufficient UVA/UVB coverage. Can be vegan.

☀️  = Can be found at a health food store like Whole Foods.

Whether you plan on just supplementing your face cream or making an SPF body butter yourself, know that you're playing a crucial part in a very messy situation. Cruelty-free sunscreen that doesn't significantly contribute to global warming or human rights violations should be the norm and you have the power to raise your voice and let companies know that you feel that way. Until that change comes though, don't worry, we've got you covered. 

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