Palm-Oil Bingo: Earth Day Edition

We love games here at Selva Beat, so what better way to celebrate Earth Day than a good, old-fashioned round of Bingo?

How It Works

Download a play card below. You can save it to your phone, tablet, or print it. Go about your day as you normally would but be mindful of the products and packaged foods around you. If it has an ingredients list, check it against your playing card. If you complete a line or a diagonal, tweet or instagram us a BINGO! with the hashtag #PalmOilBingo

You don't have to be connected to social media to play. Whether you're shouting "BINGO!" in your living room or into the vastness of internet, we just hope that you're keeping conflict palm-oil on your mind. 

Palm-Oil Bingo: Earth Day Edition | Selva Beat

Remember, if you spot one of the ingredients above, there is a possibility that it is produced from a source other than palm-oil. The best thing to do is e-mail the company for that product and ask questions about from what these ingredients are derived. Begin a discourse and ask about traceability, as well as, how sustainability is measured. Tips on how to do this: here. And of course, if you need help or just want us to research it for you, drop us a line and we'll help you out. 

Good luck and Happy Earth Day!

P.S. Hints on where to find these ingredients can be found via another game here

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