Tooth Soap Isn't Just For Hippies

As a result of our palm-oil free lifestyle, we find ourself dealing more and more with 'alternative' self-care products. These just become your primary options when you're forced to look away from the commercial and into the ecoconscious. Sometimes they work, sometimes they feel like a fad. After all of this trial & error though, we're happy to say that something we can get behind, both personally and environmentally, is alternative dental care. 

Really, in terms of environmental friendliness, toothpaste is a bit of a conundrum. First of all, packaging is often unrecyclable due to its make-up, which is layer upon layer of laminated aluminum and plastic. If you're lucky enough to find a brand at your local grocery store that does have a recyclying program, like Tom's of Maine, you have another problem on your hands still: palm-oil in the form of SLS. 

We aim to avoid the whole "damned if you do, damned if you don't" pitfall entirely and find dental care products that are recyclable or reusable and palm-oil free. Today we're giving you a liquid alternative: We confirmed with founder Rachel Budde herself and are happy to report that Fat and the Moon is completely palm-oil free

In reality, if you're used to toothpaste, alternatives like tabs and liquid soaps are going to be a shock regardless of how open-minded you find yourself. If you're hesitating to take that next step, remember this: tooth soap isn't just for hippies. It's for travelers, for vegans, for non-vegans, for those with sensitive teeth, for the gluten-free. They're for those of us who like to be frugal, as tooth soap only takes 3 drops on your brush to do the trick. Trust us, if you have teeth, you're the target audience for tooth soap. 

Please ignore the non-ecofriendly dentist office toothbrush. Haha. 

Please ignore the non-ecofriendly dentist office toothbrush. Haha. 

UPDATE | After many months of loyally using this tooth soap, here are three best things about it: 

▲ It genuinely does last a very long time. When they say three drops, they mean it

▲ The foam is amazing! You don't have to wet your toothbrush and it'll bubble up just like any mainstream toothpaste in the market. 

▲ The myrrh tincture makes my mouth feel protected. The flavor may not be for everyone, but I really think it works!

Now that you're all converts, let's get to know these products in earnest:

Tooth Soap: ($12) With a coconut oil castile base, this washes away food residue while also warding off the growth of future bad bacteria, with a special-made myrrh tincture. Clove oil is added for gum health and anise aids in digestion and adds a little flavor to the whole experience. 

Tooth Polish: ($10) Using a natural but potent blend of baking soda, kaolin clay, and myrrh, this tin gets rid of surface stains we hate, e.g. from coffee drinking, if used once every couple of weeks. 

It's also available worldwide. Okay, who said being palm-oil free was impossible? Smile on, folks!

P.S. Want more of a tooth paste? Check out our review of Eartpaste here

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