Palm-Oil Egg Hunt: Day 2

Welcome to the second palm-oil egg hunt of the week. If you're unfamiliar with the premise of this game/exercise, here is the gist: 

Before you hunt for Easter eggs this upcoming Sunday, test your skills by looking for ingredients that are commonly derived from conflict palm-oil. We thought it would be fun to make a game out of what is truly the most annoying part of being palm-oil free: checking the ingredients list. The better we understand the more complex palm-oil derivatives that are out there, the more we are in control of our own environmental impact.  Each day this week, we'll post five or so eggs that you can look for in your home or in a grocery store:

Here's a quick rundown of the ingredients featured:

Cetearyl alcohol: A fatty alcohol that takes the shape of a waxy solid in a wide variety of cosmetics and beauty products. It thickens lotions and conditioners and keeps their texture. Hint: Hair Dye

Palmitic acid: A fatty acid that smooths the skin. Incredibly versatile - can be used as a surfectant, emollient, and emulsifier. Hint: If a product says "moisture" or "hydrating" 

Glyceryl stearate: A waxy solid, created by mixing stearic acid and glycerin. Creates a barrier that keeps in moisture. Hint: Just about any household or beauty product.

Aluminum stearate: Often a fine white powder. Increases the staying power of pigments and aids with the fluidity of a product. Hint: Eyeliner / paint

Retinyl palmitate: A product of pure Vitamin A (Retinol) and palmitic acid. Claimed to be an antioxidant and anti-aging property. Hint: Wrinkle cream

Be sure to check the #PalmOilEggHunt hashtag on social media to see what's been found! & if you want to a see a summary of all the eggs we've covered so far, click here