Try Selva Beat's Palm-Oil Egg Hunt!

Today, there are literally hundreds of names for palm-oil that can be placed on an ingredient list. Because derivatives are the most unregulated portion of the palm-oil industry, this is a pretty serious thing. So, we thought we'd make a game out of the most tediuous part of being palm-oil free, in hopes that this will slowly ease you into a higher level of consciousness regarding the products around you.

Remember that it's not guaranteed that these ingredients are derived from palm-oil, only a very strong possibility. To know definitively, we encourage you to open a dialogue with that company to let them know you care. You can also check our verified brand list here

For each day leading up to Easter weekend, we've prepared five egg hunts based on the common and not so common ingredients often derived from palm-oil:


Look for these in your pantry, grocery store, bathroom, cleaning products, and anywhere else you see fit. Find an egg? Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #PalmOilEggHunt or comment below.

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