Creating No-Fuss Texture with Harlow Skin Co. Sea Salt Spray

Any woman whose ever dreamt of looking like a sun & surf goddess has probably tried her fair share of hair sprays. Deep down, all we want are locks that say, Hey, I’ve been at the beach all day, swimming with dolphins and exploring the ocean’s depths. Well, we all can’t be Ariel, and most of us can’t play hooky to spend a day in the sand. In remedy of that, we search high and low for the perfect hair tonic to give us beach-babe waves. What we actually end up getting are sprays filled to the brim with nasty chemicals, artificial scents and sticky residues. 

I myself searched for many months to find the perfect hair tonic that would transform my naturally wavy (but messy) hair. All I could find were hairsprays — you know, the kind that are meant to hold your hair in place come high or hell water — or oils which claimed to give my hair “life” but really left me looking like a greasy biker. Not to mention ingredient lists that boast glycerin, SD Alcohol, hydroxcitronellal, PVP and a whole whack of fragrances that don’t actually do anything for your hair. I ended up smelling like an overripe batch of petunias and used said spray twice before realizing it had to go the way of the Dodo. 

You’d think I’d be scarred from these experiences, but no; like any woman, I do not simply back away from a beach-wave challenge. That’s where Harlow comes in:

Creating No-Fuss Texture with Harlow Skin Co. | Selva Beat

Harlow Skin Co. is a Canadian made, Vancouver based beauty brand using only ethically sourced, natural ingredients for their line of products; one of which happens to be a stellar sea salt spray. Palm-oil free, this hair tonic (aptly named “Rainwaves”) is a five-ingredient life saver that helps you tame or tousle your hair without the unnecessary, harsh additives. I used it for five days and was surprised to see my usually messy/wavy hair transform into actual beach waves without the sticky, smelly mess of before. 

Creating No-Fuss Texture with Harlow Skin Co. | Selva Beat
Creating No-Fuss Texture with Harlow Skin Co. | Selva Beat

I typically use this spray as soon as I step out of the shower; it makes my hair feel so soft and, when applied to wet hair, allows it to dry in silky waves. But it works just as well on dry hair; sometimes I'll even spritz it throughout my hair during the day to give it a little pick-me-up. Wet or dry, Rainwaves works well with any style, but I love using it most when letting my hair dry naturally. It’s woodsy, almost primal earth smell scented my hair all day long. A little of the tonic goes a long way, which helps when you have long hair and might need an extra spritz (or two!). 

My bottle came lovingly packaged in a cute, mini canvas bag, inside a box filled with brown (recyclable) confetti. What I love most about this tonic is that the whimsically charming exterior of the bottle doesn’t let you down; the tonic is just as wonderful inside and I know I’ll be bringing this one with me on many an adventure. 

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